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On a cliff
with hands on his hip

amour braised and bruised
from wars with was and whos

hurt and pain for those
who stand in his ways
with a gentle warning

he announces to backdown

ones who standout are killed or maimed

plots so thick
like a twisted ring of fate
this farmers son now leads a kings brigade

conquering plains and heights with only a wish

to have this an end to go back in his beloveds den

swords are sharp
knives are thin blades

all strapped on his huge frame

rides his horse pushing away his fears
striking like Zeus’s bolt on his way
for they cant flee his reach is right to their soul

killer for some

conquer for few

leader to many
inspiration to his army

Hero to the history that’s new.

Shesmiles she shines

she is always by my side

shes the words that i write

praises fall short
cause she looks
cause she stares
cause shes my date
lost iam from the day we met

may is a month
for me its all about her
born in my dreams
her eyes her god like smile
wasted would be my life
you walked into my sight
the gods above and their view
hit the right side
otherwise it was a fools life.