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words are defined

Posted: September 9, 2010 in loved ones, universe
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words that define
words that rhyme
words those are mine
words i am saying
words i have said
words that will be uttered
if they are shaped by my lips
then they are my prenomonation

when said for me
deciphers my head with verbs
for not always words follow with actions

words that hurt
words that care
words i use to pray
words i use to betray
words so blunt that make dents
if they shaped by my lips
then its my punishments

when said by me
hearts cryout abstracts
for they are hurt just wish i had a prayer

words for love
words for care
words i hear
words i need to hear
words so beautiful that make me gay
if they shaped by her lips
then its my divine plan

when said to me
pulse race to a beat
for her rhythmic divine fills my life with every chord to note

words make words but its us who define them.

stars in the night a star light

he drew starring up to the sky
only he knew what he could see
millions of stars
like dots on a polka dress

his night wasn’t dark
like the one he saw later
now he was one with his craft
like a child with his naive heart

made a lonely sky look as a crowded bay
some shining some dim some as firefly’s
swimming in the dark blue night
his thoughts and happy tones painted yellow
sitting on a thrones royal blue robe

van gogh wasn’t a painter
he was more a dreamer
cause he saw a night with stars
and a star light
moon shone on him with a hue and a smile

he was painting a starry sky
for he had loved her once on a night
when the blues mixed with star dust
and kisses mixed with the moonlight
all the stars and their light was their abode

moon shone on him like a lovers smile
for he had seen his star and her starlight
he painted a starry night as her tribute
we love u van gogh you created a world
with a night and stars which has no dawn
spinning over centuries in every lovers mind.

starry starry night don maclean