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the characters :-
Dom ( leonardo)
Mal (doms wife)
ardane (the girl architect)
forger ( the guy he meets when gambling)
sam ( the frnd who teachs ardane)
saito ( the Chinese guy)
robert fisher
roberts father
god father ( roberts godfather)

i had to watch this movie 5 times cause its so amazing just like a dream that i would forget what to write every time i saw it.
like a dream iam gona start writing about it from nowhere all of a sudden we will be in the movies story….

the inception is for whom in the movie :-
dom – he may be stuck in a dream about losing his wife and children and hence his father initiates the plot to get him out of it….. but in the end the totem keeps spinning never stops so it might not be that…. but during the movie saito and ardane know abt his spinning totem so it could also be a whole dream created by mal to have him mentally separated from her after say that got a  divorce…. Or may be dom has initiated the inception for his father… who was actually stuck in a limbo and got him home to his grand children cause his father was present at the airport and hes never shown to be knowing the plan or plot to incept fisher also ardane and fisher are show talking abt mal when there in a dream inside a dream while torturing fisher….. or it was a inception arranged to be done by roberts father cause he knew roberts godfather would betrtay him and hence wanted him to know beyond doubt that he loved him or it could have been the godfather arranging the inception to have robert think that his father wanted him to start a fresh hence leaving him a big chunk of the fortune without conflict.
it could also be a whole setup arranged by Dom cause what had happend between him and Mal was real and he needed to get back to his country and used saito to make that call…… or may be fisher arranged the whole thing to get into the head of his godfather to understand if he would be loyal to him after his fathers death.
it could have been arranged by Saito to gain the combination of the Locker in which the WILL to give Robert all control of the empire was kept, so he could steal it and destroy it for the lawyers were given a will to split power between robert and his godfather and Saito was planted by The godfather.
Dom could be doing it as the movie shows us to believe till the


end when the totem doesn’t stop spinning cause the the guy who wrote the movie wanted us all to be incepted with the idea that nothing is for real or the world as we know it is not real.

we have all experienced De Ja vu … may be were given an inception by a force around us of that moment. we all dream and we all awake but some of them we fear and some we cherish and lock them in our subconscious cause u

feel like returning to them time and on. we suspect of others trying to influence our thinking sometimes and conclude that person to be having ulterior motives. we trust so many ppl with so much details about or thinking process and then they end up betraying us and take us for granted like ardane and saito with dom’s spinning totem. we sometimes just want to believe in something so much that we start living in the lie like Dom about Mal or Mal about her world is not real. life is like a dream cause we sometime

s just end up in mess out of no fault of ours and dont realise how we let ourselves into this mess. we believe in some ppl so much that when we are going insane under stress/thoughts/love lost feelings we need to be with them spend time with them like they need to check on their totem. just as the hindu mythology says ” Jagath mithya” which means ” its all a dream around us”. All mythologies around the world tell us that Life after Death will free us and give us Nirvana just like waking up from a dream is and if ur too far deep inside then u never wake up and get stuck in a limbo just like myths if u do wrong things in life then u dont get nirvana and are stuck in other life form……..
and now all who have read this are incepted with an idea to challenge your own worlds your own dreams and your own fate.

A+B =??

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In accounting the total is always the sum of its parts, no matter what order you follow it comes to the same total. Wish life had the same equation where in what ever choices we had made would have got us to the same results so we would never have to look back and say ” what if” sad but true it doesn’t equate that simple for we know that if you would have said yes or no or never met some people or did meet them it could have been a different tangent then the one you’re on to this circle of life.
Instance if I had said no to taking up training techies in wipro bpo I would have never met my wifey we could have been just two co-workers for the rest of our lives, or if I hadn’t taken bhavans college never would have met deepti, lovina, jaggu, jango etc…
So its always an ”what if” these are the happy equations which summed up to a better life and then are some equations which never get solved and the question mark to the a+b=? Remains unanswered which we so easily call fate or say ”life takes it course” I differ… Though I flunked in maths many a times my equation of life is clear, future equals to the learning’s of my past + what I hold in my present then the question mark at-least begins to show a number not clear but at-least its not unknown.
Like mathematical equations everything in life is defined at-least it has a set formula, values change but the way it will be formed remains the same, there are certain constants and some variables yet the formula is simple. How solving a long equation one needs to retrace the steps to make sure the quotient followed through the correct multiplications and subtractions we always retrace our past doings and what’s to learn is not repeat the same mistakes or repeat the same methods which failed before…..

page in your heart

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page in ur heart….

No I don’t want to be a page

I want to be the book that you write

Afraid you are to hurt

Not saying anything cuts my heart

You’re wishes you won’t do

Brings pain in my heart to

Thoughts of yours you don’t say

Makes me write this blog everyday

You read my blog like a fools wisdom

Wish I could show my hearts situation

Moans my heart day after day

We shall feel this pain together someday.

iam no artist with the pencil atleast
colors are all the same
yet i can draw
eyes are closed and i have sketched
drawn ur eyes a million times
each time they have a different shade
a pastel for every moment
some for love and some for care
anger has no color here
for iam yet to see them that way

dont let me get started
for the lips i dare not draw
temptations they say
have no clue for they havent seen you
dew drops like glitter shine
with every breath that is let out

i swear iam no artist not with a pencil atleast
colors are all the same
and then i cant stop sketching you
for when i open my eyes i imagine u
and when closed they dream abt you
every strand of ur hair
swaying when u say a No
or the curved lines of ur smile
make it hard to erase my time of joy
happiness precious make me dance
like a boy with a toy

eyes are still shut
drawn u to be in my arms
like a tide hugs the shore
and rocks kiss them gently
as you do on every good bye
and my mind wanders further like a butterfly

dont let me get started dear
for iam no artist not with a pencil atleast
yet i try to draw ur picture.

tribute to maiden….

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flash me blade
glare with me teeth
stand on the dark
the path no one took

u stare me down
i will hunt u on
not just ur soul
ur every bone
u wait for the horn
and no one will turn
i will be alone
with a bloody tone

slash ur flesh
with every tear
i will laugh on loud
for once u said
i will wait on the gates
i have passed them all
no one wants me anymore
so here iam standing with blades
drawn to drain every drop
from ur flesh and ur bone

flash me blade
glare with me teeth
stand on the dark
the path no one took

u think its easy
sink those hooks
flush the blood
drain every emotion
write every night
its not often u meet
the sight
samael rises with me every stroke
even if i dont say no more
his work is already heard
some day u will rise
with a beated breath
and no where to hide

It took me 3 decades to learn that, I did a lot of physical work, games, alcohol, drugs, sex n rock & roll and then iam here now.
Living each moment in the present and concentrate on the things right there and then in front of me.
Like now this screen the movie on the big screen, the cold air from the aircon and the cigarette smoke filling me study nothing exists beyond this for now for since I was a teenager I dreamt about having a relaxing time like this in my own house with addition of a gorgeous wife and an angel of a daughter who smiles with love even when daddy scratch’s his butt. I have yet to buy more things like a phantom royale, a big house at malabar hill and a small 16 passanger private jet matching ccolor to my 196ft yatch but then these haves have a limit one can only buy what’s made or is created by others one can’t buy things in advance like we can’t buy a house on moon for they are yet to be made.
With emotions its endless haves and are created by yourself and you can prebook them like buyin flowers for ur love knowing that she loves daisy’s and you can anticipate the cheek to cheek smile on her face or even by just turning up on time when she ‘s planed to go shopping and most importantly pretend to be enjoying the time in that all women store and A La classique holding her hand in front of her parents, these occasions are endless and the emotions tho same to all are still unique to you and completely tailormade for your life unlike the things we want….. But carrying those flowers in a 7series ack home or putting the grocery bags in the rear of a rover discovery have their spl joy too for one feels mazing providing the luxury to ur loved ones so what iif the same emotions are felt by a guy in a nano :p these are also unlimited emotions in a limted edition life….

blade in my hand

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i stand alone
with a blade in my hand
cutting thru the streams of time
and line
making sense of the words written
giving weight to the ones that are heard
slashing the blade harder after every line
on ever turn of life
color red is all over for not only i
they too have lost an eye
how far will i survive
how long will they bear a tongue
sun on the rise count the phases of twilight
its my time to make these words
into blades from ashes of bone
shields up for they wont give
without a fight
blades bones and gashes
i still stand alone
with a blade in my hand
cutting thru the streams of time
and line
loud will be the cry
for all will lose sometime
prophecy says
in the end there shall be one
hence i stand alone
with a blade in my hand
asking you all
adhere now or lie below

brief history of time
if only we knew the complete state of the universe at one time. For example, if we knew the positions and speeds of the sun and the planets at one time, then we could use Newton’s laws to calculate the state of the Solar System at any other time. Determinism seems fairly obvious in this case… but human behavior is not governed by laws.
the above theory was found to be incorrect for energy emitted by any hot object such as a star does not emit radiation or waves etc infinitely at a certain speed cause it does so in quanta and thus the speed is determined and there’s a finite emission.
same way when god created humans he gave them a finite level of emission of energy and thus each one has a cycle of life but what cant be determined is the amount of energy per quanta cause for every quanta emitted a large amount of energy is used up and thus reduces the rate of emission.

just like our thought process … on certain occasions we throw out such great joy around that we run out of it sooner then expected, at some incidents we get all furious and then fizz out at the end of it or some just live the rest of their lives with rage cause they emitt it slowly…. so if we learn to control the throw of the quantum of emotions we could live in a certain emotional phase longer but again just like light or x rays the number of waves of per second are far greater than 2-3 million waves hence calculating them is difficult and to find the distance between a object we shine of light on its surface and depending upon the shadows created we judge its distance but we cant measure its position.
hence we can never judge our correct position and our energy level to throw quantums around we wld never be able to stay in one motion for long and in order to understand our position we would need to throw a short wavelength to measure the position better , so we shouldnt attempt at looking far far away make things in the nearest future more clear with a broad yet short wavelength of thoughts and make better use of it.
i order to predict the movement or position of an object in the future we need to determine the current movement and position which we can by the shorter wavelength but its position if determined with larger quantum of shorter wavelentgh of time then the particle shining of will deviate from its course by the sheer quanta thrown at it, we should never push beyond a certain limits our emotions on to others or they would move away from us. should try not to be over loading our selfs with the final ambition that we burnout before we understand the movements of others around us and losing the present for the future. we can try and keep predecting but each time we start the result will be different but what we can predict is the how many times will be say A result or result B, thats just how we stratagies with certain kind of people around us for we know it would result in A or B as an when started.
as Einstein said ” god does not play dice” every thing happening around is pre determined we are yet to calculate accurately our current movements and position in order to predict the future.. so until then we have to live with our selves cause its THE UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE.