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Sitting by the sea

the waves hitting the shore and the suns about to set

having her sit beside me and make wonderful music

that echoes like piped pipers

the music that distracts me from those god like eyes

shes happy for the first time

since that time

I am lost in this music

Melancholic pipers

Gorgeous dreamful pied pipers

Her giggles echo through all sad waves

Making this sea side a resonating garden of blooms

Taking form of a performance in a renaissance room

I am just swaying like a flower in the winds of her laughter

I like it today for shes happy for the very first time since that time.


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we always start with somethings
end with something
and what ever goes on in between is also something

sometime we living in sometimes
and then remember these things in that sometime

past future and present
all will be always something sometime

what we hold these somethings for those sometimes
will be cherished by them after long after somethings

your scent or your somethings
will bring memories cause somethings are somethings
all four corners of this world have somethings

understand here or forever remain a something
not like when said Your something.

Aap ki nazzron ne samjha pyaar ke kabil mujhey

thankful to your eyes for they consider me good enuf to be loved

lucky me to have u seen
blissful moments when u saw
read me like a childs prose
bringing my life into a love scene

gods of love gods of this world
thankful iam to having her
making her see me eyes
for the words that i cant say
my heart that beats a fools tone
she read me words and heard my love note

songs that i wished to write
prose that accumilates
need not i sing or write
for shes read me alright
dived deep into me
stepping on every beat and pause
blessing my senses holding my thoughts
guiding me into devine seas.

Aap ki nazzro ne samjha meri dil ki gehraio ko