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Half a handshake…

Posted: May 18, 2015 in loved ones, Romance

Mistakes we have done
Unfortunate actions seen
Words spewed and burned

Death is still better
No more you see them
Half a handshake shatters

Grin is easier still
Frown would be preferred
Half a handshake shatters

Mighty i feel in her arms hugged so tight
Conqueror of this world mirrored in her eyes
The way you make me feel…
Beautiful bluish vision is now this life
The way you make me feel…

Together soon…

Posted: April 8, 2014 in beloved, loved ones, Romance
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Time is at a difference,
Mountains stand between us
Oceans for miles and miles long
Sun shines on me cold air blows your way…

But i am smiling cause your heart beats for me just as mine thumps your name..

Soon i know
Time will freez
Mountains will be beneath our feet
Oceans will seize
Together under the same sun shall be We…

Me and me in her…

Posted: April 4, 2014 in helpless, loved ones

Life is empty
As you were born
Breathless sucking up air

Life is empty
As you walked
Gasping air up hill

Life is empty
As you drink
Bottoms up gulped

Life is empty
As you love
Out of sight

Life is empty
As you dream
Alone with me

9 times lifeforce

Posted: November 11, 2013 in beloved, family, loved ones

Like they say ” always in your prayers thank god for the good times ”
I admire mine every moment that i spend with her. Today her 9th year of life starts, 9 is a magical number anything you multiply it with the results digit if added gives 9 in return and when you add a digit to 9 the total of the result is same as the digit added to 9 and more incredible things 9 can do.
My daughter is my lifeforce and shes gona rule this year and in my Gods shadow i shall be blessed too….

Nine multiplies
Addition purifies

God defined
Goodness personified

Love immensely
Love endlessly

Life ahead
Wish happiness

Special Today
Happy Birthday

Dream again

Posted: March 11, 2013 in beloved, helpless, loved ones

I have no reason to ask
You had none too
we were good but you saw doubts
Simple are my words your mind complicates

I asked nothing
Nothing you gave
But i wish to ask now
Could I have a reason to dream again…


11 to 12 in October.

Posted: October 4, 2012 in family, loved ones, thoughts

This by far has been then worst phase of my life personaly. I have been through shit, done shit and incredibley life gave me this past year and once again my fathers words “what worst could happen then this” whispered in my head… Well it just got worst 🙂
I met with two major accidents, lost a project, business partners back stabbing and personal fuckups…
but on the other hand i met so many different and amazing people in these 365 days.
I got to see Metalica live in Banglore, did a trip to phuket, dubai, various trips to kamshet and in the finale pre birthday bash road trip to goa…. Delhi parties and ended the month in goa chilling and.kayaking with my wings to life Jaggu and jango…
Banglore was with good old friends… Pandhirkars, dhiren, harshad etc… And my personal idol my elder brother Amitabh..and a complete fucking rock n roll trip bringing good old memories.
Phuket connected with an old friend and his amazing wife (manish & amrita) whose become a very dear friend and met loads of their local friends. Who were totally fun and brave characters i have ever seen (browyn, asiling, jade, martin etc..) They were from different countries and cultures staying in Phuket and making it large even though few have their own little wars to fight they were living life kingsize.
On my trips to kamshet i met a some vibrant characters, a guy whose quit a good job and living in as a flight instructor, a super model whose lived her life in an ashram, a between job damsel whos looking to find her calling, a crazy italian who can fly anywhere and was followed by a raven across 5 days para flight.

Suddenly got back in touch with an old work pal and his sweet wife who happens to share the same birthday as me and also personal tragedies. They got in our birthday in Goa and made feel special.
And those words my father says made think again… How worst could it get….. My Life Starts Now and i thank all these wonderful people who knowingly or not influenced my thinking by sharing their own lives.

You are…

Posted: June 23, 2012 in loved ones

From what i see
You have a heart of a baby
Kindness and you have that smile

From what i see
You are worldly
Warmth and you hold my hands  

From what i see
You are magnificent
Fool and idiot i would be to not see