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let me in baby :D

Posted: October 29, 2010 in beloved, Romance
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part two of don’t let me baby ­čśÇ


holding my self downstairs
wait is not forever
i ringed and knocked already
baby i am home
sorry thats the only way i can be seen
glad i am still your hero
holding my self at the gate looking at the door

when you open the door fragrances galore
garden of Eden easily be deprived
in the beginning there were two forever just me and you
see how easy it is to stray upon looking at you, i am still standing at the door

hold me and hug me close for i hate not being with you
partner or lover or soul mate… words are different but beauty is the same
here i go again thinking of those eyes but baby iam still at the door

dreams come every night sweet most of the time
when you dont hold my hand i fall deep into the dark side
blades in my hand or revenge i crave but baby quickly open the door i am still standing below

longer this wait more words i create
help me god for i dont wana start to sing
this voice so harsh will ripple my lovers dream
lucky iam for you think its funny of sorts cause i try to rhyme
but baby look below i am still standing at the door

she comes racing to the gate with a irate face
do you know what time it is may be 4 in the morning?
giggle like a Slurpee ..a child munching honey and oat meal
open wide smile i give hoping to clam my beautiful wife
thank god it works every time or the sofa would have to make for bed tonight

blink of an eye you miss the moment and you miss it cause you cant wait
wait for each is controlled by fate, fate of others they make you hurry or not wait
you cant wait for you have a meeting to go to, you cant wait for there’s an interview to go to
you cant wait for a movie to catch, you cant wait for you have a date to meet

fate of your wait is controlled by others and the moments you miss are not created
your fate is controlled by your client, your fate is controlled by your employer
your fate is controlled by your friends, your fate is controlled by the one you love

love is the result of your fate, for you hadn’t rushed to the date she wouldn’t be able to twist your fate
fate in return gives you love, love doesn’t go away with fate your actions control love
your love is controlled by your words, your love is controlled by your thoughts
your love is free but you pay the price for loosing it and love is controlled by you

your love controls fate and fate gives you the wait
you control your love, love more and more fate to give you more time to wait
you love good and you get it all

love is free and comes to you when you lest expect it
you need to know love, you need to see love
you need to believe in love, you need to love to be loved

you need someone to love who loves you who needs you
need gives love, giving more reduces your wants
when you want nothing love gives, your greed destroys love

you again control all, wrong wants strikes off love
your greed your possessiveness your vanity
mirror shows true single form of you, love shows you the best of you
to love is to be divided in two…. again its you who controls the outcome
wait of fate to meet the love will erase the wrongs done
keep the true form of emotions you Just need to be You

sweet talkers revenge

Posted: October 21, 2010 in insane, Romance

i dont wana be a statesman
i wonder how i even stand
i can be longer wish it had no end

words to write fill my mind
wish someday i could go blank
wish so do u if i would ever stop and mend

rethink redo rework
re-read every rhyme literately unfolds my mind
i write as i feel i write with a heart nauseatingly everytime

three words or less in crowd
four words make a rhyme
fifth added so it can be defined
see what i have been through you will feel divine
good bye baby, not forever in the end

makes sense here in this life
prerogative provocative rhymes in 3 or 4 lines
fool you are to understand for you think you know who i am

seven counts

Posted: October 20, 2010 in beloved, family, loved ones, Romance
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for :


pride myself on what i have become
why shouldnt i for i am father to a gorgeous daughter
sin you could say for me shes my heavenly treasure

wrath of my anger shall rain
try hurting the ones i love
sinful will be your time as if left on hells plane

greed i more for happiness and love
for the ones i care, cherish and adore
sin i will for them just to give some more

sloth moves to slow so do i when in her arms
want to be left alone till eternity or let armageddon come
sin why should be it for its our love not being your burden

lust comes so swiftly when standing outside a shop window
i wana buy this all for them make every wish come true
sinless life would be a waste for you gota see those smiles

envy i too sometimes of things around her
jealous of the chair she sits on and carpet she walks
work i do to make a living also to avoid other sins

gluttony is the last one in line
feed on their love I withhold it too and no i wont share
sin or sinner i dont understand for i want them all to myself

If it is it if

Posted: October 20, 2010 in beloved, insane
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if i had to live a lie i would live it
if i had to live or die i would live it
if i had to live or separate i would live it

if you have to give me a choice give me an option with you in it
wonder why this madness creeps in me for you dream a world without me in it
imagination so wild sometimes i give myself the shivers for words form shapes and you are all over in it

if i had to make sculpture no one would wonder whose face will be on it
choices i make reflect your wisdom vague all seems but truth rides on it
moving mountains  scaling clouds feel short but everything has your name on it

if the world or this god tells me false is my world for you not part of it
destruction of my inner mind cant do… your smile completes me whole not just a part of it
vivid colors take strokes on my delusional canvas never knew how you took over each part of it

if it becomes real
if it drives across
if it engulfs whole

if it wasnt there together as we would be better

Oceanic Drift

Posted: October 13, 2010 in deep notions, insane
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riding the waves and tides
sailing through oceans and storms
waiting for that first look
bursting is this heart with unknown cheers
baby come straight in my sight
i dont wana share with you with any soul or mortal
just you and your beautiful self filling my eyes
imagined this day so many times in ways different with every tide

the smile you will shine
the eyes you will blink
the lips you will purse
the hair you will tussle

all this and more has played in me mind many times
fear i not to see but what if i had imagined less
should i be standing or sitting when i meet you
cause falling back is i have dreamt wordless would be blocking

kill this wait now
come out now
show yourself now
make my life now


how much more should i wait
soon is a definite time scale
short arm and long have gone around long
come out come out beautiful butterfly
bursting is this heart with unknown cheers
baby come straight in my sight close into this arms
your head on me shoulders be my starry eyed surprise

read this with eminem song ” love the way you lie ” playing.



i am no super man with wings on my back
trust me close your eyes and hold on tight
i promise to take you high

drug like trip i take in those eyes
wonder why
hold on tight together we will fly
see the colors the psychedelics closer
purple haze with brush of reds and pink dash
choose your palate
this canvas is our creation think big for it touches the sky

free feel forever like a dragonfly
glow green groovier dont be shy
believe you have to for i never lie

hold my hand let me take you high
wonderful creations we will make as magical as your voice
singing creation perfectly made by your creator
imagination so wild guess we dint know our own strengths
lets go set this world on fire
just dont stand there you have to try

let them think we are insane
dont snap at them they dont know
what they dont have
create and make as we sing this together
lets go take away the pain
paint a picture so bright let them all see from their windowpane

we will fly away like birds
feathers with colors and singing songs
its gona be alright trust me just hold on tight
it wont hurt and its no game you have to help me to make this real
i cant tell you how it will be i can only make you feel
i promise to take you high hold on tight


Posted: October 8, 2010 in insane, warriror
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tula deto majhi boli ratri sakali dupari

maang astho me sarkhe

majhya deva poore kar swapana hai saare

swata sathi nahi me bolat

tichya sathi and tyancha jeevanas de bhar poti


deva ubha ahe tuzhya daari aaj me aan vaani

thaklo yaah halkat lokana

prayatna sarva prakari kele khup samjavle

partishtan hai majhe lagle dolayas

nahi me aikhnar atha ghalen tandav dokyas

sudhar yanha kiva vachav tyana


shankara che naav ahey majhe ashutosh

premane bolo shevat che aaj

shambhar zhale pure tyanche paap

trishul nahi saral tessrya dolyas ghal yanaha

shunya hotil hai halkat uchal la jo me paay aaj´╗┐


English translation of sorts


i speak to you night afternoon and day
…keep asking always I
fulfill my dream each one of them
not for me i say
for her and their lives to be happy and gay

hey god I am standing at your gates barefeet
tired of these ill will people i meet
have reasoned and tried a lot in all ways
my pride is breathing fire with ire
not gonna listen to you now will smash their heads into a wall
god improve or save them now

lord shankar’s other name is ashutosh
kindly i speak to them in vain
committed they have 100th sin
not the spear use the fury of your third eye
if i lift my leg now it will be to crush their bones
bring their lives to an end.