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Beautiful Days

Posted: November 18, 2013 in beloved, morning glory, Romance, thoughts

Shangrila sunrise
Sugary sunsets
Blissful afternoons
Dreamie nighttimes

Blue mists
Kissable views
Full moon
Huggable pastimes

Beautiful days
Hidden meets
Mountain tops
Valley treats

ToppedĀ  world
Everest hues
Painful goodbyes
Promises to keep


milky tale

Posted: July 4, 2011 in family, loved ones, morning glory
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Little smile little angel of mine

Brightens my day when she smiles

Daddy daddy she yells on every step of her life


Now that smile has a difference

Funny it looks at times but gorgeous it defines

Milky first one broke last night and she even did cry


Tooth fairy story and she wished

Took fake naps to see if she got her wish

Surprised at dusk to find her favorite sweet to match her sweet smile



Congratulations my little girl for being brave.

Wokeup to a late snooz
Rubbing my eyes saw the sun up in the sky it stood
Late again I said
Unclean bath awaits

30 years its been the same mom yelled from the kitchen gate
Tea warm in a cup and news paper to read
Armed with thoughts for a new day
Morning sir said the maid and made me move to clean the bed.

Ready to go breakfast set on the table
Looking at my pushmail as if reading a bible
Cursing at some and appraising a few for the past days work reviews
Turn the car shall I sir? voice at the front door, yes I nod to his request so gentle

Rolling down the window a puff of smoke I exhale
Thinking its gona be a better day
Mornings always make me start afresh like a eaglet in a nest
At every sunbreak I start trying to give this day my best

walks away she with ease

turns no head to see what happens to me

tears i cant spill for eyes dont wana believe

i becomes to nobody for you give me identity

two words or four maybe entire line to speak

heard you my heart yell for its still left with me

take away this fool in me for i cant wait till eternity

this life is all i have been promised to keep

next or the next god wont give me you to see


walks away she knowing all there can be

with a smile and cry i now stand behind thee

watch her hair swing with steps she walks from me

cross me fingers with heavy heart turn around will she

never does that happen cause no place in cold heart for me

glad this is all me morning dream, sun rays hit me

half eye shows her silhouette, curved her lips to smile

slip into her arms under warm breathings making me at ease

dream goodbye into the sun for night if real would definitely kill me

hold on to…

Posted: August 23, 2010 in morning glory, Romance

Just give me something to hold onto
Make me a person who knows you
Just give me something to hold onto
Give me the wisdom to love you

I am human too I have memories like you
Having seen you angel its not possible now
To hold onto my thoughts for you
Give me a reason to not think of you
Say those words only if you have to

Just give me something to hold onto
Make me a person who knows you
Just give me something to hold onto
Give me the wisdom to love you

In my dreams I am living a life sureal
I will keep my wisdom afresh
I have been living in my flesh
This love has got not celing
I know I am beliving

Give me something to hold onto
let your eyes show me where I am
Lonely or cuddled in your gaze
Just give me something to hold onto
Give me the wisdom to love you