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Light to my life @Ten

Posted: November 11, 2015 in beloved, family

Tall and beautiful
Grown you have
Kind and graceful
Angel you are
Divine and godlike
Daughter of mine
Turns Ten tonight
Thousands of kisses
Millions of wishes
Beautiful you be
As life to my light.

9 times lifeforce

Posted: November 11, 2013 in beloved, family, loved ones

Like they say ” always in your prayers thank god for the good times ”
I admire mine every moment that i spend with her. Today her 9th year of life starts, 9 is a magical number anything you multiply it with the results digit if added gives 9 in return and when you add a digit to 9 the total of the result is same as the digit added to 9 and more incredible things 9 can do.
My daughter is my lifeforce and shes gona rule this year and in my Gods shadow i shall be blessed too….

Nine multiplies
Addition purifies

God defined
Goodness personified

Love immensely
Love endlessly

Life ahead
Wish happiness

Special Today
Happy Birthday

11 to 12 in October.

Posted: October 4, 2012 in family, loved ones, thoughts

This by far has been then worst phase of my life personaly. I have been through shit, done shit and incredibley life gave me this past year and once again my fathers words “what worst could happen then this” whispered in my head… Well it just got worst 🙂
I met with two major accidents, lost a project, business partners back stabbing and personal fuckups…
but on the other hand i met so many different and amazing people in these 365 days.
I got to see Metalica live in Banglore, did a trip to phuket, dubai, various trips to kamshet and in the finale pre birthday bash road trip to goa…. Delhi parties and ended the month in goa chilling and.kayaking with my wings to life Jaggu and jango…
Banglore was with good old friends… Pandhirkars, dhiren, harshad etc… And my personal idol my elder brother Amitabh..and a complete fucking rock n roll trip bringing good old memories.
Phuket connected with an old friend and his amazing wife (manish & amrita) whose become a very dear friend and met loads of their local friends. Who were totally fun and brave characters i have ever seen (browyn, asiling, jade, martin etc..) They were from different countries and cultures staying in Phuket and making it large even though few have their own little wars to fight they were living life kingsize.
On my trips to kamshet i met a some vibrant characters, a guy whose quit a good job and living in as a flight instructor, a super model whose lived her life in an ashram, a between job damsel whos looking to find her calling, a crazy italian who can fly anywhere and was followed by a raven across 5 days para flight.

Suddenly got back in touch with an old work pal and his sweet wife who happens to share the same birthday as me and also personal tragedies. They got in our birthday in Goa and made feel special.
And those words my father says made think again… How worst could it get….. My Life Starts Now and i thank all these wonderful people who knowingly or not influenced my thinking by sharing their own lives.

As seen by you

Posted: April 16, 2012 in beloved, family, loved ones, Romance, universe

Created is this world
Forms and shapes given and defined
madeup of imagination everything that we see

I fail to see
What ever sculpted there might be
But i see you and through you this world
You bring color and that defines me



Posted: November 12, 2011 in family, loved ones, universe

My wish come true
My heartbeats with joy
You have turned another year
Filling my life with wonderous pride

Sixth is this year for you
Many more years to go by
Blossom like a rose and smile
Your joy is my lifes duty and delight

Sweet little princess
My melodious song of life
Love you more as every day goes by
Thank you lord for gifting me such a beautiful child

Happy sixth birthday sweetie pie!!!

milky tale

Posted: July 4, 2011 in family, loved ones, morning glory
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Little smile little angel of mine

Brightens my day when she smiles

Daddy daddy she yells on every step of her life


Now that smile has a difference

Funny it looks at times but gorgeous it defines

Milky first one broke last night and she even did cry


Tooth fairy story and she wished

Took fake naps to see if she got her wish

Surprised at dusk to find her favorite sweet to match her sweet smile



Congratulations my little girl for being brave.

Other side

Everyone has a different side then what we see into that person.

I have seen a cop as a loving father holding his little baby with so much care and love and next day morning see him slap a criminal with such ferocity that I almost pissed in me pants (cause I was seeing his daughter)

For that matter even Mr. Shashi Tharoor who always manages to open his mouth the wrong way did get married to a beautiful and smart women…he definitely must say the right words the right way to have her in love with him….

The world’s biggest terrorist could also be a loving husband and father or a good teacher…. Offcourse here his otherside is of no use for its not bettering him as a person…

I can be more than a uptight ass working 9 to 5, very few realize this inner quality or talent they have and those who do take that up and make a parallel life where they can be what they want to be.

Could you imagine Vijay Mallya doing a horseback ride when his son was a toddler…I am sure every father does that…. When faced with such love we tend to understand the otherside.

A realtor can write blogs, a economics student can blurt out poetry.

A sailor writes the most heartwarming letters a travelling salesman takes the most captivating pictures.

An accountant logics the basic facts of life to pure emotions resulting in a very happy marriage.

Social tools like facebook, orkut, myspace, wordpress help unleash the good/bad whatever is his/her otherside, earlier to people expose their sides like when in school the biggest bully was the best Christmas decoration winner and the most quiet and soft hearted person was a lead singer to a rock n roll band.

What good is the otherside to us when we cant do that for a living for we are forced to take more lucrative jobs to make that 6 digit income? It helps no one else but YOU in times when you need that escape its your sanctuary of freedom, your place of solace.

So enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to bring out the otherside no matter what they say for if it makes YOU happy its good.

tricky treat

Posted: November 1, 2010 in family, loved ones, pictorial, universe
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