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Drops of dew

Posted: February 17, 2016 in beloved, helpless, Romance, universe

Moments before We say Goodbye
There’s that dew with a blue hue
Drop dimming the sunlight
Drops of dew as distance grew
Solace brimming the colored eye
Beautiful no cry never you
Beautiful don’t you drop those dews

Knotted is Love with Sepration
These are unsaid traditions
Hug in that moment breath I lose
Memories to make my dreams
Beautiful don’t you drop those Dew’s

False is the world around us
Wrong are their traditions too
If I don’t turn back know I am forced
But beautiful
Don’t you drop those Dew’s

Minute at a time distance grew
Just as the lines in the ring you wear
If it adorns you’re neck as a piece now
My dreams would begin to look new
Beautiful no cry never you
Don’t you drop those Dew’s

Understand the traditions of love
Forced are these moments as traitors
All those moments will live in dreams
Life will take wings as butterflies will fly
But beautiful don’t you never you
Drop those Dew’s.

(Inspired by Naina ashq na ho)

Dream Catcher

Posted: August 8, 2015 in beloved, helpless, Romance

Once an idle
Thinking he did
Saw an angle
Idiot he fumbled

Caught she did
God’s do wonder
Magic she breaths
Man he humbled

Dreams they made
Fairytales be said
This now remains
Catcher I be claimed

Silence in fate

Posted: October 6, 2014 in beloved, helpless, Romance

Wait of fate
It took a upswing turn
Daffodils in winter
How beautiful was time

Communication took turn
Words were said
Roses grew thorns
Idiot came out with a frown

Silence of the worst kind
Mind played tricks
Heart lost its swing
Miserable stood in the mirror

Wait of fate
Her voice chimed
Echoes of same kind
God if you read make this heal


Posted: August 21, 2014 in beloved, helpless

Close my eyes
Feel her breath
In my hands
feel her hold
Dreams are filled of her smiles
She wont talk to me
Cause Idiot i have been…

Me and me in her…

Posted: April 4, 2014 in helpless, loved ones

Life is empty
As you were born
Breathless sucking up air

Life is empty
As you walked
Gasping air up hill

Life is empty
As you drink
Bottoms up gulped

Life is empty
As you love
Out of sight

Life is empty
As you dream
Alone with me

Encounter of a beautiful kind

Posted: October 12, 2013 in helpless, Romance

Smooth evening and beautiful winds
Lights shined and hair wavy
Sheepishly coy and dimpled smiles

Giggled questions and glazed eyes
Stolen stares and words kind
Twinkled stars and nightly drives

Hands crossed and warmth profound
Guessing and wondering
Words on lips and yet no sound

Evening unthought and night slowly drowned
Goodbye was missed and lights went out
Beautiful encounter and result unknown

Fool as I am and the day dawned
She spoke and butterflies took form

Morning dew trickles and slowly the sun shone
Crisp rendezvous , brisk sun , hot coffee and Memories unravel
I continue my journey as it’s always a never ending travel …

Splendor separated

Posted: September 29, 2013 in beloved, helpless, Romance

Splendor you are within every essence
Warm snuggles and kindful stares
Day into knight like one soul in two minds.

Heart beats to every wink and smiles
Butterflies again I see in flight
Every breath will remember these times

Untill we dont unite and complete
Goodbyes are to happen pls understand
Unbearable is separation as it kills inside…

We couldnt be together
You had you’re reasons
I had none to believe

Say you couldnt love

Departing was the choice
Yet unanswered remain beliefs
I need to close and cage these Questions

Say you had have no answeres

Old times sake
Say you hated me and never loved
Say it so I can end these thoughts
Say it to give me a closure
Say it to make me feel happy…again