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Drops of dew

Posted: February 17, 2016 in beloved, helpless, Romance, universe

Moments before We say Goodbye
There’s that dew with a blue hue
Drop dimming the sunlight
Drops of dew as distance grew
Solace brimming the colored eye
Beautiful no cry never you
Beautiful don’t you drop those dews

Knotted is Love with Sepration
These are unsaid traditions
Hug in that moment breath I lose
Memories to make my dreams
Beautiful don’t you drop those Dew’s

False is the world around us
Wrong are their traditions too
If I don’t turn back know I am forced
But beautiful
Don’t you drop those Dew’s

Minute at a time distance grew
Just as the lines in the ring you wear
If it adorns you’re neck as a piece now
My dreams would begin to look new
Beautiful no cry never you
Don’t you drop those Dew’s

Understand the traditions of love
Forced are these moments as traitors
All those moments will live in dreams
Life will take wings as butterflies will fly
But beautiful don’t you never you
Drop those Dew’s.

(Inspired by Naina ashq na ho)

Tides and time

Posted: September 11, 2015 in deep notions, insane, universe

Change is the constant
It’s a joy ride
It’s a long ride
Not just 70 NYEs
Not just 70 summers

Change is inevitable
It’s a fun trip
It’s a funny trip
Not just birthdays
Not just holidays

Change is forever
It’s a good learning
It’s a hard lesson
Not just fairy tales
Not just vacations

Change is me
It’s in you  and me
It’s a bond we break
Not just hate
Not just fate

Tides and time it’s where change resides…

Single guy travelling

Posted: March 27, 2015 in thoughts, universe, warriror

Almost always i am asked why do you travel alone or how can you just travel alone???
I can and so i do…
Being a guy and travelling alone mostly categorises you as a loner or relationship issues, well i have travelled alone in all phases of my life…
Its my meditation time, i barely communicate with people, not beyond asking for price, food, booze or stuff i would need to get me by, kind of selective vipasana 🙂
I find it very relaxing and gets me in touch with my inner voice.
I try and combine a adventure with my travel helps me stay focus in the concept of being alone being unknown, one without an identity.
Makes me meet interesting people from psychologists to people seeking help ;-).

Also they say one must lose ones identity to be free of any ideas or concepts… Well travelling alone gives me that chance, i an unknown identity to the people who see me on my travels and even meet and greet, You have to reveal nothing personal yet you make friends just over a smile across the bar or hall or coffee shop etc… Thats being truly unknown yet finding like minded people… Some magic it appears to be at times.

Circle gets the square

Posted: November 5, 2013 in deep notions, insane, universe

Rotation is a constant change
Though orbiting the same sphere
Just like sadness and happiness
Constant change yet with same emotions

Understand this phenomenon of circle
After every night is a day, darkness can be defined for we have seen the light.
Sadness will end and happiness will end too but each will gave way to other.

Every guru says the samething in different ways just as each sadness varies in its degree of pain.
Just as happiness is found when least expected.

Learn that everything has to end and start afresh… Learn that we are all part of the same game… Learn that we all hurt and eachone laughs too… Learn this is all true and there are no false…
We are what we are for we have been through it… Then you will be you.

Irrelevant in time

Posted: June 19, 2012 in deep notions, helpless, universe

Memories are time loops
Swing you through to those times
Some filled with pain some with goosebumps and smiles

There are moments in present
When future or past holds no truth
Everything seems untrue or to have stoped

When in the arms of your love
All seems to have vanished and banished
Time has no relevance to that moment of truth

Heart understands no time
When its broken everything stops
All moves with a slow redundant speed
Time makes no relevance of this pain

Time is not speed,time is not true
Time is imagination, time is irrelevant
Cause pain and love control every move me make

As seen by you

Posted: April 16, 2012 in beloved, family, loved ones, Romance, universe

Created is this world
Forms and shapes given and defined
madeup of imagination everything that we see

I fail to see
What ever sculpted there might be
But i see you and through you this world
You bring color and that defines me


In Deeds

Posted: February 4, 2012 in beloved, universe

Exchange my life I never would need
I thought so
Brutal break in my thesis I never dreamt indeed

What one needs is to be loved
I gave so
Pushed me to extreme I couldnt swim back in speed

Fortunate I have the reason to live
Thankful so
Questions raised answer I could give but innocence would bleed

Hate I have to live with
Punished so
Tried all that my heart could beat but you also broke the spirit


Posted: November 21, 2011 in beloved, insane, universe