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Posted: November 12, 2011 in family, loved ones, universe

My wish come true
My heartbeats with joy
You have turned another year
Filling my life with wonderous pride

Sixth is this year for you
Many more years to go by
Blossom like a rose and smile
Your joy is my lifes duty and delight

Sweet little princess
My melodious song of life
Love you more as every day goes by
Thank you lord for gifting me such a beautiful child

Happy sixth birthday sweetie pie!!!

I am…

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized, universe, warriror


I am what I am

Iam what I want to be

I am what I need to be

What I will not be

Is what you want from me

Like the tide

Will rise high

Will not stop even if you feed your ideas to me

I am what I am

Definition you can try to write

My will would destroy the stereotype

Like the wind

Will blow it

Will not stop even if you block my paths

I am what I am

Creator of my fate

Maker of my path

Standing tall in front of you all

I am my own karma

Your curses defended

Your tricks mangled

Try you may again and again

Your wicked wishes and methods will meet their end

I am what I am

Definitions destroy me

Maker of my fate

Defender of my paths created

Help me win this and we shall be friends in this life and next.

Love drug

Posted: March 31, 2011 in beloved, helpless, insane, thoughts, universe
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All drugs which give you a high are based on a simple chemical formula.
They are all designed to numb the pain receptors and automatically you go in a happy state of mind and slowly into a high.
Love drug is a little different it not only kills or numbs the pain but gives you that feel good factor it makes you feel nice and good about your ownself.
The research people say if you truly fall in love the chemical realised cause of it will leave its effect for a whole freaking 20 years. So my dear love fools you are doomed.
Imagine if we could harness this chemical and recreate it and use it for world peace.

Theres a odd thing tho not all truly have ever fallen in love or their pain or hate factors are so high in the brain they never truly fall in love or maybe its not true as in my earlier writeup I had mentioned even a terrorist could be in love truly madly deeply with a women or his high comes by the love for his false cause.

I have seen so many love marriages falling.apart even.after 10 years of togetherness, what hampers that chemicals balance or was it not love. On the other hand I habe seen arranged marriages converting into love stories on which one coukd write story and win a pollizer.

Then there are those one sided love fools who keep loving no matter how they are treated by the other person, yet they go on for years like slaves to that high.

By far love drug is the most effective.


Posted: March 5, 2011 in deep notions, random, universe
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Life has a spare tyre

Stephanically speaking always an option out of it

Choices are there which one to opt for is the question

Life has a spare tyre

Breakdown in unknown town and you will know its worthiness

Change or be like a drunk can of beer filled with emptiness

Life has a spare tyre

Use it when really need it for pace has least to do with grip

Slide and slip or skid but never burst out on a tilted twist

Life has a spare tyre

Remember its spare always when going fast on a tar trip

End is destined but it doesn’t mean u never attempt to use it.


Theres something tweaking inside and on the back side like a worm born on a garbage dump.
It has no head no tail just the want to grow and get out of this deep dark side.
There are no air flows and no soft beds to rest on and yet it was born there like life in a mould on crump of bread hidde  behind the couch wall.

Finally I realised its a muscle in my brain which otherwise is used frequently by common men.
I know now it was what they use to think and ponder on things which bring ideas.
I dint need it before may be i dint understand why would one want to create new when everything already exists.
This muscle wont quit it keeps moving rapidly now making my head ache and forehead warm.
I think my head is going to burst for this muscle is flexing like the shoulder blades of an alpha lion on a prowl.
Just when I was about to cry out loud I took a pen and scribbled on the pad some words which were never understood by me before.
Words born of this muscle in my brain yet having sweet emotional shades which when read by others are termed as poetic rhymes with touches of love, anger, greed and many other moments through which life takes this fool on a ride.
This muscle in my brain now wont stop its growing stronger with repeatations in this cycle of life.

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born new

Posted: January 3, 2011 in deep notions, thoughts, universe

the tree at is tall feet almost having a star reach
yet not strong or young to hold a leaf
surge of strength from a leaflet
will to be born and grow into a trunk

green to a glow of gold at birth
small like a flake on this day it is awake
wanting to grow it lets the sun know
shines its edge like a sharp blade

desires and dreams it unbinds
its its day under the warm sun shine
blocked at times by the old but it acts bold
turns and bends to gain power from the rays

this time it wont let pass through
absorbing life’s every moment marking its groove
swaying to the wind moving towards the sun behold this young one
fresh in its mind ideas yet to brew this is pure as once was me and you

Déjà vu: APC Resurrecting the Civil Defense Forces thumbnail

Déjà vu

The E and the A in the spell of Déjà vu look like eyes with eye brows.

Everyone has at least once in his/her life felt a Déjà vu.

I believe they are not messages or anything serious at all. The subconscious mind of any person keeps preparing our mind for various situations of life in the background like :

When I will make my 1st million I will buy a sports car and this gets registered or

If I go out on a date with her I will take her to a particular restaurant or

When someone special to us would die I would be broken and lost.

These circumstances and the solution to behave in those moments is also created by our subconscious and stored somewhere on the back side to use in case of emergency.

Hence sometimes we feel this has already happened to me…. Or we dream a dream and when that really happens we think we saw the futures glimpse in our dreams.


The mind plays trick on our eyes

Dungeons of my thoughts spring back to life

I know I have seen this makes sense in such times


Life seems like a recorded tape

Wanting to know why we had seen this before

Was it a message for good or for bad times to perform?


A mark is left on the surface

Answers we looking for now to find past perfect the present

No it was just an idea stored nothing to do with what’s already seen.

boy at a birthday

Posted: November 20, 2010 in deep notions, thoughts, universe
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It was my daughters 5th birthday celebration kiddie party and as an urban household we are more parents then kids. We had asked our maid to get her little boy too.
The maid arrived with her boy before all the guests arrived and my drama queen princess got along well with him. They were playing with the big princess tent/castle and the balloons i blew and they boy was good at blowing balloons too. I put on a few kiddy songs which he sang along too and then the parents with their kids came in one at a time.
The boy started getting a little over excited and as hes brought up in small spaces among other kids in slum areas he was stronger more confident and more brave then all of them so much so that a 12yr old nephew of mine was being pushed around by him and the boy was not more then 6. As all kids do they were running around and jumping, having balloon fights but our hero the boy was getting ferocious with his attacks and my sisters little baby started crying watching the kiddie violence being ballooned out. I had to step into explain the boy to calm down and if he dint stop fighting i would complain to his mother (our maid) he was not scared for he had a look on his face where it explained he must have seen more angrier people at him in the slums hes living in.
just as he was getting clam and the other kids were enjoying around with him too his father came to the door for he had to leave for his night shift and was there to pass the house keys to his wife our maid…. and the boy was neither excited nor sad but just plain simple witness to the transaction between his mom and father. he spends most of his time with this father as mom works the days at different households and father in the night.. his outlandish behavior was then justified for kids when grow more close to the father get more bolder and rather a little misbehaved then with their mothers. my daughter jumps on steps with me while carefully steps up with her mother.
the evening came to the cake cutting and our hero was anxious to see the cake as were all kids and get a bite of it soon, everyone sang the birthday song and my little princess gave a bite of the cake to everyone around and also licked the knife and i saw that through the camera hehehehe that was funny and scary trust me. the hero sat down besides the 2 boys and they kept passing remarks at him and he was getting into the fight mood again lucky i stepped in and controlled the other two boys and he remained well behaved.
i had a word with the maid and asked her not to beat him up always just talk sense first and then if very extremely needed spank him or something i was hoping he would be outside and not listen in on us. but apprently he had for the next day my maid told me he said to her ” mom i wont act funny and naughty and you dont need to beat me up i will behave hence forth just like that uncle said”
man i was stunned and so was everyone at home for he knew what was right and wrong and also understood why he would be beat up by his mom ………………… the hero is a nice boy i say and i completely back him up for he was provoked by the other kids at the party offcourse his reactions were strong but thats the only way he knew to react ….. kids arent that simple i guess….