Drive by Philosophy

Posted: June 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

I have lived till now in bombay and recently moved base to pune, have travelled a bit too I think, around India majorly and mostly driving around.

This is about me being an observer and mixing my own foolosophy with the way people drive and how it reflects their character…

Indian driving is the finest in the world I belive cause amidst all chaos we always still find a way and in country of billion people we do quiet okay to say…

In the midst of this chaos character persists, basic nature of every being is reflected in the tiniest turn of the wheel…

For example when one takes the vehicle out say car many of them immediately poke out like a pouting diva to shutter bugs expecting all to stop for they have decided to step out and world must take notice, some even have a grin on their face of victory that they made you slow down and getting in line before you…

Such people are the radical believers of pride.

Rhythm divine

Posted: April 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

Lop sided curls

Trust in turns

Candel light churns

Words are changed

Hidden be intuitions

Truth be said

Divine she why

Song be sung

Star like shine

Her be timed

Roof be thatched

Protects she so

Touch and go

Song be tune

Easy be sown

Her and I

Easy be shown

Above is a haiku slam for she means Song… Rhythm divine

Where to Hide

Posted: September 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Flash of a scent

Reveries buried deep inside

Pleasantly floating in memories

There’s just nowhere to hide

Where to hide?

That flashback and a smile

Essence of a life

Beating taken in a tide

There’s just nowhere to hide

Where to hide?

And in a flash she decides

Nowhere to hide

Its the lines in between her smile

Curl and twirl in between it lives

Sways time in between her pause

Like a charming stuck in a frog

Its harp strings in between her giggles 

Wink and blink in between it lives

Moments frozen in between her laughs

Like a charming stuck in a frog

Its the silence in between the sounds

Rhythm and rhyme in between it lives

Melodies looped in between her thoughts 

Like a charming stuck in a frog 


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Jinxed be beginnings

Shy be musings

Smiles like harp strings

Lilies in midst of sunlight

Silver bracelet flickers

Clouds puffed flowers

Waved hair tickles

Giggles be magical

Secret winks crossed fingers

Presence just enlightens

Heart and soul entangles 

In Oneness it feels Special 

If she remembers

Posted: December 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

If she remembers 

Under the busting skies

We promised 

Together the end we build 

End of Us

Posted: September 3, 2016 in beloved, deep notions, insane, Romance, Uncategorized

A thought we shared
Delighted were stars
Hugged so tight

Traversed the boundaries
Happy we’re we
In our tempted dreams

Sigh time did
Green faded To blue
Illusions we had going

As always sun
Unique thought to be
Shadows no more

Insecure as before
Eyes never lie
Curious words unsaid

Reflected in light
Memories be delight
Tears down our cheek

Crucify we have
Pleasures that seek’d
Pictures in between

Magic is absurd
Cold as a fact
Us is an End

tribute to Sixto Rodriguez  🙂

And then she smiles…

Posted: August 2, 2016 in beloved, Romance

Hesitates always
Quickly holds hand
Drops the eyebrow
And then she smiles

Pretends to not believe
Bully’s into compliments
Blushes like a daisy
And then she smiles

Shy batted eyes
Witty in reply
Twirls her locks
And then she smiles

She don’t need wings
Fairytale like every moment
Changes my world
And then she smiles

Queen bee always busy
Walks around like butterflies
Distance just melts
And then she smiles

Eyes like glitter
See through soul
Honestly it shines
And then she smiles

Beauty that she is
Angels shy
melts my soul
And Then She Smiles