Drive by Philosophy

Posted: June 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

I have lived till now in bombay and recently moved base to pune, have travelled a bit too I think, around India majorly and mostly driving around.

This is about me being an observer and mixing my own foolosophy with the way people drive and how it reflects their character…

Indian driving is the finest in the world I belive cause amidst all chaos we always still find a way and in country of billion people we do quiet okay to say…

In the midst of this chaos character persists, basic nature of every being is reflected in the tiniest turn of the wheel…

For example when one takes the vehicle out say car many of them immediately poke out like a pouting diva to shutter bugs expecting all to stop for they have decided to step out and world must take notice, some even have a grin on their face of victory that they made you slow down and getting in line before you…

Such people are the radical believers of pride.

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