Fourteen butterflies…

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

2014 the most wonderfully happiest days of my life, offcourse i write every year about the year that was but it always starts and ends with my birthday in October (maybe you missed wishing me on FB).
I got a call on my birthday just past the hour of my actual birth time and sweet butterflies took flight, the year that was started with me and my daughter in kamshet, post that met someone who opened me up, sealed me tight back and printed happiness forever, tagged me and sent me off.
So the whole year revolved round this beautiful country of mine India and a short visit finally across the great oceans. Yes i was to see india completely before i go west but trust me the sunrises and sunsets i have seen in 2014 were never even dreamt by me, entire concept of happiness took a whole new defination.
I saw Mahadev just a few hundred feet away… In a small craft Yes… With butterflies in flight right next to me.
Sunrise over golden clouds and moonlight lit shimmering ocean…
Conversations on a small island of sand on the ganges almost on the other side of the world…
Even my own god befriended these butterflies in flight…
Surprisingly i lived through…
Nothing more seems worth mentioning in this year…
But one of the only things i ever said would like to do, and have started a Bar in the city i fell in love with as a teenager… POONA. Makes me think fuck the guy above, if i have been true the butterflies one day will fly again.

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