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Already !!!

Posted: August 12, 2015 in thoughts

Thoughts in my head pulled by the
gravity of my heart

Sinks every thought into an abyss of my sinful past

How far why so long when will be the end of a chivalrous heart

Pray now you soon that I forget us or else where cupid striked

God’s don’t be mocking or dare we do otherwise We be beginning already 😉

Single guy travelling

Posted: March 27, 2015 in thoughts, universe, warriror

Almost always i am asked why do you travel alone or how can you just travel alone???
I can and so i do…
Being a guy and travelling alone mostly categorises you as a loner or relationship issues, well i have travelled alone in all phases of my life…
Its my meditation time, i barely communicate with people, not beyond asking for price, food, booze or stuff i would need to get me by, kind of selective vipasana 🙂
I find it very relaxing and gets me in touch with my inner voice.
I try and combine a adventure with my travel helps me stay focus in the concept of being alone being unknown, one without an identity.
Makes me meet interesting people from psychologists to people seeking help ;-).

Also they say one must lose ones identity to be free of any ideas or concepts… Well travelling alone gives me that chance, i an unknown identity to the people who see me on my travels and even meet and greet, You have to reveal nothing personal yet you make friends just over a smile across the bar or hall or coffee shop etc… Thats being truly unknown yet finding like minded people… Some magic it appears to be at times.

Beautiful Days

Posted: November 18, 2013 in beloved, morning glory, Romance, thoughts

Shangrila sunrise
Sugary sunsets
Blissful afternoons
Dreamie nighttimes

Blue mists
Kissable views
Full moon
Huggable pastimes

Beautiful days
Hidden meets
Mountain tops
Valley treats

Topped  world
Everest hues
Painful goodbyes
Promises to keep


We couldnt be together
You had you’re reasons
I had none to believe

Say you couldnt love

Departing was the choice
Yet unanswered remain beliefs
I need to close and cage these Questions

Say you had have no answeres

Old times sake
Say you hated me and never loved
Say it so I can end these thoughts
Say it to give me a closure
Say it to make me feel happy…again

Rain drops fall

Posted: June 7, 2013 in beloved, thoughts

Rain drops fall
Memories and all

Thunder beats around
Giggles and sounds

Scent filled air
Kisses and stares

Rain drops fall
Reminds and stall’s


Posted: January 15, 2013 in beloved, deep notions, Romance, thoughts

It could have been eight
Always imagined to be delight
But you never read past seven

Bright it all seemed
Eighth was not even required in creation
But you never appreciated or had pride

A year of sadness borrowed
wonders of the world could have Eighth
But you ensured it was all of fright

Not a day in the past in seventh
Where thoughts had you held
Ended you before it could be eigth …

11 to 12 in October.

Posted: October 4, 2012 in family, loved ones, thoughts

This by far has been then worst phase of my life personaly. I have been through shit, done shit and incredibley life gave me this past year and once again my fathers words “what worst could happen then this” whispered in my head… Well it just got worst 🙂
I met with two major accidents, lost a project, business partners back stabbing and personal fuckups…
but on the other hand i met so many different and amazing people in these 365 days.
I got to see Metalica live in Banglore, did a trip to phuket, dubai, various trips to kamshet and in the finale pre birthday bash road trip to goa…. Delhi parties and ended the month in goa chilling and.kayaking with my wings to life Jaggu and jango…
Banglore was with good old friends… Pandhirkars, dhiren, harshad etc… And my personal idol my elder brother Amitabh..and a complete fucking rock n roll trip bringing good old memories.
Phuket connected with an old friend and his amazing wife (manish & amrita) whose become a very dear friend and met loads of their local friends. Who were totally fun and brave characters i have ever seen (browyn, asiling, jade, martin etc..) They were from different countries and cultures staying in Phuket and making it large even though few have their own little wars to fight they were living life kingsize.
On my trips to kamshet i met a some vibrant characters, a guy whose quit a good job and living in as a flight instructor, a super model whose lived her life in an ashram, a between job damsel whos looking to find her calling, a crazy italian who can fly anywhere and was followed by a raven across 5 days para flight.

Suddenly got back in touch with an old work pal and his sweet wife who happens to share the same birthday as me and also personal tragedies. They got in our birthday in Goa and made feel special.
And those words my father says made think again… How worst could it get….. My Life Starts Now and i thank all these wonderful people who knowingly or not influenced my thinking by sharing their own lives.


Posted: September 8, 2012 in deep notions, helpless, insane, thoughts

We had a life ahead of us
You said you dreamed it too
We were to be one

You chose to run
I dont blame you
But i hate you for what you have done

Everyone has ideas
We had ours to make a life
Dreamland we were to create

You made a wrong choice
God knows i still love you
Now i curse the day we met

You were to share and stay
Dismised you all that i made
Tried really tried to have it glued
Left i am now with only a Why