Prayers on the wind…

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Romance

Upnorth in India you find the prayer flags atop mountains… Well she speaks like them to my ears…


I set out to find my voice
In silence i argued with me
Relentless sounds echoed…

Then she spoke

Utter me a word and she giggled
Foolish me aloud and she assured
Blessed day that i turned around…

She spoke…

Words i dint hear just chants to my prayers
Giggles and chimes wishful making my world

She spoke…

Like prayers on a wind.

  1. very delightful imagery,
    happy V day.

  2. a smile or a friendly gesture do wonders to others indeed.
    enjoy the shiny spirit here.

  3. marit says:

    I love this paired with the image

  4. Summer Rain says:

    it seems like fooling around with your secret sweetheart is fun.

    just kidding,
    amazing beauty in your lines.

  5. romantic imagery,
    have a lovely Valentine!

  6. Maggie says:


    do you recall thursday poets rally,

    there is an award for you this week of 80,
    please find our link and participate for week 81 next week.

    lovely art and story talent, keep posting.

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