Words of Slience

When i am alone with my foolosphy


> I am afraid of sleep cause I dream, the good ones came true now these could too

> No matter how loud the waves are your stone will still be heard.

> I am not a man made of instructions, i am a soul built of free will

> We are slaves to our wants all our life and then one day we Die.

> This is now a time which will Heal, The scar will diminish,But the memory will remain©

> Say what you feel… If they care then it will Heal©

> Goodness is a Gene level error…©

> Karma is the only constant in all religions ©

> So many languages hence so many ways of expressing love ©

> We are told believe..god, devil, spirits, nature etc… Thoughts are needed to be based on something…. I refuse to believe in any belief… Not even mine.. Then shall be truly free. ©

> Expression of passion, does not have any defination©

> Its not wrong to mourn if the love for some one in your heart has died, the quicker you do it faster will be the rebirth ©

> Respect is to be earned, trust is to be earned, money is to be earned…but Love, Love is to be Made. ©

> Pain is never your own hence you need.to share happiness ©

Guftaghu hum apne aap se ho rahi thee, paar khayal aap ka tha ©

> kabhi kabhi aisa pyaar hotah hai ke Dard mein, jeene mein hee sukhun milta hain©

Hello Four Chambers
Beatin you be Fast
Hurry don’t you Lad (c)

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