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Single guy travelling

Posted: March 27, 2015 in thoughts, universe, warriror

Almost always i am asked why do you travel alone or how can you just travel alone???
I can and so i do…
Being a guy and travelling alone mostly categorises you as a loner or relationship issues, well i have travelled alone in all phases of my life…
Its my meditation time, i barely communicate with people, not beyond asking for price, food, booze or stuff i would need to get me by, kind of selective vipasana 🙂
I find it very relaxing and gets me in touch with my inner voice.
I try and combine a adventure with my travel helps me stay focus in the concept of being alone being unknown, one without an identity.
Makes me meet interesting people from psychologists to people seeking help ;-).

Also they say one must lose ones identity to be free of any ideas or concepts… Well travelling alone gives me that chance, i an unknown identity to the people who see me on my travels and even meet and greet, You have to reveal nothing personal yet you make friends just over a smile across the bar or hall or coffee shop etc… Thats being truly unknown yet finding like minded people… Some magic it appears to be at times.

I am…

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized, universe, warriror


I am what I am

Iam what I want to be

I am what I need to be

What I will not be

Is what you want from me

Like the tide

Will rise high

Will not stop even if you feed your ideas to me

I am what I am

Definition you can try to write

My will would destroy the stereotype

Like the wind

Will blow it

Will not stop even if you block my paths

I am what I am

Creator of my fate

Maker of my path

Standing tall in front of you all

I am my own karma

Your curses defended

Your tricks mangled

Try you may again and again

Your wicked wishes and methods will meet their end

I am what I am

Definitions destroy me

Maker of my fate

Defender of my paths created

Help me win this and we shall be friends in this life and next.

My city our fight

Posted: July 14, 2011 in india, warriror
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My city my beloved
Love thee spirit an unending grit
We fight together thru this poisonos mist

Candel march and roses
Rest in peace fellow mumbaikars
Today we vow to stand together

We will find and kill these basterds
Arms in tow and voice as one
Salam mumbai to your spirit to fight

Standup for your right
Ask the goverment to use its wit
Help them find and kill these pricks

War it is on our land
Basterds use cloak of night
Mumbai challenges you One on One fight

We pray and pledge
Shall help one and all
Together we stand as a force of god

Will go Cruzzin

Posted: June 22, 2011 in warriror

written for :

Iam waiting

Waintin to go sailin

Big waves and high seas roarin

Cut em like smooth knife on tamarind


Like a poets rhyming

Beautiful babes singin


So nice to be so nice to be dreamin


Let ya al know

Someday my time is comin

And beware wind is on me tailend

27 knots is what I will be cruzzin



Posted: May 27, 2011 in pictorial, thoughts, warriror
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for :

Four hooves a leather strap and seat to rest upon

Horizon on my gaze and packed for a long season

March I with this horse as it be a part of me

Sleep under the moon with grass as our bedspread

Lonely it may seem but I prefer to be called alone

Life has taken its toll and so today we ride into the unknown

Sun comes up with a hue of red on rise

Skin burns by noon it’s worth it for twilight scenes

Creator is merciful for he leaves us with waterholes

Shades from trees and shrubs with berries

Life couldn’t be simpler yet I gaze to the horizon and wonder

After all that has been and seen I find myself at ease to be a horse rider

Niravana in flight

Posted: April 15, 2011 in warriror
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Suns up past the noon strucked

Different creed various beliefs

On these slopes we act as if all belong to thee

Weights on the back wings we have to make spread

Climbs each these heights to scale new thoughtless flights

Into the wind we stand gazing the horizon looking for signs

It looks straight and dynamic runs fast raising the glides

Post the leap it’s just absorbing all of natures delight

All have a reason to be eccentric

Some need none just a dream to be a bird

Waiting for the noon to end so could be on the slopes

Strands of strings and big canopy with a place to sit and cliff to leap

Gliders have no names or identifications

Colorful flying shrouds bless their lives

Some use cover to hide here flight it breeds

Moving smooth at thousand feet is all what a glider needs.

Fear of me

Posted: February 27, 2011 in insane, warriror

I got only two sides, good and wrong.
Good has no issues but step on my wrong you will glimpse fire ragging eyes.

You will have dreams of me so crazy that nightmares will seem fairy tale deeds.
I will sink deep, in your concious I will breathe.

We have love, break a twig and i’ll burn worlds.
Wrong will have new past for my wrath will cast shadows blackening your mind and space.

They call me the fear of god, I have the power to call Me.
Words I write will earse your lines of fate for my love has grit hence you be straight.

Fear me for if I change my prayer you will have to suffer and bleed.
They have written about this before and to warn you I rewite the Fear Of Me

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Wokeup to a late snooz
Rubbing my eyes saw the sun up in the sky it stood
Late again I said
Unclean bath awaits

30 years its been the same mom yelled from the kitchen gate
Tea warm in a cup and news paper to read
Armed with thoughts for a new day
Morning sir said the maid and made me move to clean the bed.

Ready to go breakfast set on the table
Looking at my pushmail as if reading a bible
Cursing at some and appraising a few for the past days work reviews
Turn the car shall I sir? voice at the front door, yes I nod to his request so gentle

Rolling down the window a puff of smoke I exhale
Thinking its gona be a better day
Mornings always make me start afresh like a eaglet in a nest
At every sunbreak I start trying to give this day my best