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milky tale

Posted: July 4, 2011 in family, loved ones, morning glory
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Little smile little angel of mine

Brightens my day when she smiles

Daddy daddy she yells on every step of her life


Now that smile has a difference

Funny it looks at times but gorgeous it defines

Milky first one broke last night and she even did cry


Tooth fairy story and she wished

Took fake naps to see if she got her wish

Surprised at dusk to find her favorite sweet to match her sweet smile



Congratulations my little girl for being brave.

Me Princess

Posted: September 23, 2010 in family, loved ones, school
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sweetie pie chocolate pie the apple of my eye
lovely smile and you opened you eyes
held you in my arms with warmth inside

every fathers proud day to hold his child
to see his wife smile by the side
happiness profound unimaginably loud

feed you crushed apple through a soft spoon
sang like an ogre to make you sleep sound
giggled you with me tickle on your nose
grew so fast like me random written prose

questions so many you asked
thinking daddy always knows it all
vague magical stories i made at every day fall
daddies arms made cushion for me baby doll

1st day at school looking beautiful in morning hue
held me hand tight at the gates with eyes asking Do i have to go
moist were my eyes when you turned with the fast scar
chocolate treat with every prize and a spank at every naughty do

growing up your fast
one day you shall read this all
think of me as a friend who helped you grow
prayers of mine say one thing to god Make a good person of me girl

5 years only your are now
decades will soon pass and fear only one thing
my daughter thinks of me only as her old man
promise i to you will write a poem every year for you
so you would know how much daddy loves you.