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walks away she with ease

turns no head to see what happens to me

tears i cant spill for eyes dont wana believe

i becomes to nobody for you give me identity

two words or four maybe entire line to speak

heard you my heart yell for its still left with me

take away this fool in me for i cant wait till eternity

this life is all i have been promised to keep

next or the next god wont give me you to see


walks away she knowing all there can be

with a smile and cry i now stand behind thee

watch her hair swing with steps she walks from me

cross me fingers with heavy heart turn around will she

never does that happen cause no place in cold heart for me

glad this is all me morning dream, sun rays hit me

half eye shows her silhouette, curved her lips to smile

slip into her arms under warm breathings making me at ease

dream goodbye into the sun for night if real would definitely kill me

two words

Posted: September 29, 2010 in beloved, helpless, loved ones, Romance
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they are very generous ppl and i accept this award with humbleness


two words

heart beats
life skips
eyes meet
words rhyme
love sings
she speaks
fool jumps
hand holds
lost souls
her eyes
she lies
fool cries
vows new
splits wide
two words
good bye