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what will happen when i realise that theres nothing between us, when i understand that what i feel towards you is my fantasy.

the day i know my love for you is based on a mirage an idea of you.

you never said you love me or anything remotely close to the admittance of that.  I have been understanding a different response from your eyes different cause the day i realise your eyes never intended to love me.

Devastating it would be as the houses of jews in Germany, they stood with their walls intact but left barren and life less. I wouldnt be able to bare that emptiness and so i choose to live in this lie knowing you dont love me or like me the way i do.

seen you the way i do

read the words upside down

walked through an unknown town

love me love me do

rain or shine i want you

smile and her lips the ones i choose

false it may seem

the one who doesnt see

baby let me live this free

needs i have to

dreamed all about you

once just could you not walk it through.

my good karma

Posted: September 16, 2010 in beloved, loved ones, Romance
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i have been constantly reminded by the myths that your deeds of the past life will define the life which i live now.
many times i was forced to believe that i must have been either Hitler or Chengis Khan for the amount of pain some moments have caused me.
and then i met you
i know now that i have been forgiven
for you have given me a place in your heart a sweet spot to whom i surrender

you have made me feel good about myself not only for this life but the one
i had too
for no matter what i had done must have done one good deed to deserve you
and i wish to be a better man so i can have you next life too
since now that i have met you i need not do more this life
have a beautiful person like you think of me and to love me
i must have done my task of good deeds for this life
now i have met you i wont be able to go wrong again
for when i am with you i dont even have an opinion
only follow your lead so that i am sure i have you in the next life too
my good karma i am blessed that i have you.

Shesmiles she shines

she is always by my side

shes the words that i write

praises fall short
cause she looks
cause she stares
cause shes my date
lost iam from the day we met

may is a month
for me its all about her
born in my dreams
her eyes her god like smile
wasted would be my life
you walked into my sight
the gods above and their view
hit the right side
otherwise it was a fools life.