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Together soon…

Posted: April 8, 2014 in beloved, loved ones, Romance
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Time is at a difference,
Mountains stand between us
Oceans for miles and miles long
Sun shines on me cold air blows your way…

But i am smiling cause your heart beats for me just as mine thumps your name..

Soon i know
Time will freez
Mountains will be beneath our feet
Oceans will seize
Together under the same sun shall be We…


Posted: September 8, 2011 in beloved, deep notions, Romance
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I get carried away with my thoughts

Time I don’t see hours I don’t read

It’s your eyes that haunt me

It’s your smile that hypnotizes me

Sorry foolish I behave when I think about you with me


Most of what I say is untrue

Because I can’t express it all in little words of praise

How am I to be blamed you have become a religion to me

Every move you make is a prayer to me

So sorry I keep repeating same things all over again


Giggles butterflies pipers have gone insane

Even the little sun beam now talks to me

Mostly asking questions on my foolish routine

Every now and then same I repeat to them

Sorry I can’t rid you of my foolishness


Lighting crashes in the sky

Thunders have roll out a beat

But I can feel it differently

Moments I have been witness to

Sorry I am not gona change for long time

Time pulls and it gives

Wish everyone a gun to hold it ransom

Try a finger pointing to you Defenses will be at peaks

I cant give you advice

I am stricken worst then you

I cant be I if you never had We

Long and short of life it stands

Emotional waves tie up the one in you

Release is conditional and try in vain we all had

Ask me if I wanted too

Reasons zillions but answers to zits

Smoke is with a fire and yet here I stand with ashes

Shores before she stood

Her smile that once made my day blissful

She still casts her spell and like a wolf I gaze at the moon

Lips smooth as honey dew drops

Sky’s in shades of pink like her face when I softly kiss it

Hair flutter like wings of butterfly and walks like angels in flight

Say something nice and she half coy smiles

Far away you can sense her for jasmine like is her style

Face that reminds me of god and eyes that plunder this slave heart

Years have passed between us

Stronger the bond has grown like goldfish in fish bowl

The warmth and love I still feel when we hold hands makes me wish

Why can’t time be as it is it….

Love drug

Posted: March 31, 2011 in beloved, helpless, insane, thoughts, universe
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All drugs which give you a high are based on a simple chemical formula.
They are all designed to numb the pain receptors and automatically you go in a happy state of mind and slowly into a high.
Love drug is a little different it not only kills or numbs the pain but gives you that feel good factor it makes you feel nice and good about your ownself.
The research people say if you truly fall in love the chemical realised cause of it will leave its effect for a whole freaking 20 years. So my dear love fools you are doomed.
Imagine if we could harness this chemical and recreate it and use it for world peace.

Theres a odd thing tho not all truly have ever fallen in love or their pain or hate factors are so high in the brain they never truly fall in love or maybe its not true as in my earlier writeup I had mentioned even a terrorist could be in love truly madly deeply with a women or his high comes by the love for his false cause.

I have seen so many love marriages falling.apart even.after 10 years of togetherness, what hampers that chemicals balance or was it not love. On the other hand I habe seen arranged marriages converting into love stories on which one coukd write story and win a pollizer.

Then there are those one sided love fools who keep loving no matter how they are treated by the other person, yet they go on for years like slaves to that high.

By far love drug is the most effective.

righteous love

Posted: December 15, 2010 in beloved, loved ones, Romance
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Change in me is righteous

The look in your eyes of admiration is brightest

Glitters my soul with love

Compassion and passion nurtured you have in me

Fountain sprinkling emotions

Taught me to rhyme words with amore and adore

Inspiration to me mature

Journey through your eyes with our hands holding tight

Time knows no goodbye

Flying carpet like has been this blossoming life ride

Righteous one you to me

Sin purged off me for forgiven I am cause you love me

Should not have to be like this everytime we meet

How would it be if it was not reflected in the ripples of sea

Beginning to let go not me for I did that in times of “when eyes meet”


Warm breezes from whispers formed of words of those rainbow shaped lips

Drama wish I could do to hold you more ..for more time in these arms untied

Feel like I have been here before for imagination I have deep and overpowering


Standing there watching you go bye like a poets sad rhymes

Make believe my in words for these aren’t wisdoms of a fool with extreme insights

Simple ways of telling you how much I love the way you stay longer and don’t want to stay goodbye


Lost in the moments when you hugged with a deep breath and almost sighed

Believe me I had to keep my eyes open to make sure this wasn’t a dream in broad daylight

You cushioned in my arms and hands hugged tight wish I could freeze time…….


Now I know how frustrating it is to not have control over time

Wish I could freeze these minutes and make them into days of a thousand years

Wishing control for time many have asked for there are moments we wish where time would freeze.

words three new

Posted: November 1, 2010 in insane, random, Romance
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three words new
said it loud
how are you

fate found you
two worlds met
love me knew

tall dark man
smile big bright
unearthed heart inside

saw something you
fell down hill
crazy together two

fast went life
you slept through
love needn’t bribe

singing aloud rhymes
words with simile’s
lost those beliefs

one becomes two
you know too
same ain’t you

changed i too
love for you
good me new

same way please
love now you
forgive me too

last three words
never to say
dont push away

three words new
said it loud
goodbye to you