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Shesmiles she shines

she is always by my side

shes the words that i write

praises fall short
cause she looks
cause she stares
cause shes my date
lost iam from the day we met

may is a month
for me its all about her
born in my dreams
her eyes her god like smile
wasted would be my life
you walked into my sight
the gods above and their view
hit the right side
otherwise it was a fools life.

iam no artist with the pencil atleast
colors are all the same
yet i can draw
eyes are closed and i have sketched
drawn ur eyes a million times
each time they have a different shade
a pastel for every moment
some for love and some for care
anger has no color here
for iam yet to see them that way

dont let me get started
for the lips i dare not draw
temptations they say
have no clue for they havent seen you
dew drops like glitter shine
with every breath that is let out

i swear iam no artist not with a pencil atleast
colors are all the same
and then i cant stop sketching you
for when i open my eyes i imagine u
and when closed they dream abt you
every strand of ur hair
swaying when u say a No
or the curved lines of ur smile
make it hard to erase my time of joy
happiness precious make me dance
like a boy with a toy

eyes are still shut
drawn u to be in my arms
like a tide hugs the shore
and rocks kiss them gently
as you do on every good bye
and my mind wanders further like a butterfly

dont let me get started dear
for iam no artist not with a pencil atleast
yet i try to draw ur picture.