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words three new

Posted: November 1, 2010 in insane, random, Romance
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three words new
said it loud
how are you

fate found you
two worlds met
love me knew

tall dark man
smile big bright
unearthed heart inside

saw something you
fell down hill
crazy together two

fast went life
you slept through
love needn’t bribe

singing aloud rhymes
words with simile’s
lost those beliefs

one becomes two
you know too
same ain’t you

changed i too
love for you
good me new

same way please
love now you
forgive me too

last three words
never to say
dont push away

three words new
said it loud
goodbye to you


Posted: September 25, 2010 in beloved, insane, loved ones, Romance, warriror
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random as it can be

for i write this as i say it or want it to be

words have to not always have a meaning

sometimes a wink of an eye at an unprecedented hour is welcome

things that i say might seem alright to you for others they are vague

call at that hour un-parliamentary hour is considered love too

pass a bill if you have too i am not gona improve

things i will still say and songs i will still sing aloud

neighbors get a ear plug or better love me words

cause I am a random guy a definition destroys me

sad or war like rise i can with every word your eyes have to say

prayer or temple…giggle or butterfly

compare how much i try i can

somethings dont need a poem to be described

mind might try to hide heart gives away the fool inside…..

foolosopher 😀

words are defined

Posted: September 9, 2010 in loved ones, universe
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words that define
words that rhyme
words those are mine
words i am saying
words i have said
words that will be uttered
if they are shaped by my lips
then they are my prenomonation

when said for me
deciphers my head with verbs
for not always words follow with actions

words that hurt
words that care
words i use to pray
words i use to betray
words so blunt that make dents
if they shaped by my lips
then its my punishments

when said by me
hearts cryout abstracts
for they are hurt just wish i had a prayer

words for love
words for care
words i hear
words i need to hear
words so beautiful that make me gay
if they shaped by her lips
then its my divine plan

when said to me
pulse race to a beat
for her rhythmic divine fills my life with every chord to note

words make words but its us who define them.