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Niravana in flight

Posted: April 15, 2011 in warriror
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Suns up past the noon strucked

Different creed various beliefs

On these slopes we act as if all belong to thee

Weights on the back wings we have to make spread

Climbs each these heights to scale new thoughtless flights

Into the wind we stand gazing the horizon looking for signs

It looks straight and dynamic runs fast raising the glides

Post the leap it’s just absorbing all of natures delight

All have a reason to be eccentric

Some need none just a dream to be a bird

Waiting for the noon to end so could be on the slopes

Strands of strings and big canopy with a place to sit and cliff to leap

Gliders have no names or identifications

Colorful flying shrouds bless their lives

Some use cover to hide here flight it breeds

Moving smooth at thousand feet is all what a glider needs.