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It took me 3 decades to learn that, I did a lot of physical work, games, alcohol, drugs, sex n rock & roll and then iam here now.
Living each moment in the present and concentrate on the things right there and then in front of me.
Like now this screen the movie on the big screen, the cold air from the aircon and the cigarette smoke filling me study nothing exists beyond this for now for since I was a teenager I dreamt about having a relaxing time like this in my own house with addition of a gorgeous wife and an angel of a daughter who smiles with love even when daddy scratch’s his butt. I have yet to buy more things like a phantom royale, a big house at malabar hill and a small 16 passanger private jet matching ccolor to my 196ft yatch but then these haves have a limit one can only buy what’s made or is created by others one can’t buy things in advance like we can’t buy a house on moon for they are yet to be made.
With emotions its endless haves and are created by yourself and you can prebook them like buyin flowers for ur love knowing that she loves daisy’s and you can anticipate the cheek to cheek smile on her face or even by just turning up on time when she ‘s planed to go shopping and most importantly pretend to be enjoying the time in that all women store and A La classique holding her hand in front of her parents, these occasions are endless and the emotions tho same to all are still unique to you and completely tailormade for your life unlike the things we want….. But carrying those flowers in a 7series ack home or putting the grocery bags in the rear of a rover discovery have their spl joy too for one feels mazing providing the luxury to ur loved ones so what iif the same emotions are felt by a guy in a nano :p these are also unlimited emotions in a limted edition life….