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Posted: September 8, 2011 in beloved, deep notions, Romance
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I get carried away with my thoughts

Time I don’t see hours I don’t read

It’s your eyes that haunt me

It’s your smile that hypnotizes me

Sorry foolish I behave when I think about you with me


Most of what I say is untrue

Because I can’t express it all in little words of praise

How am I to be blamed you have become a religion to me

Every move you make is a prayer to me

So sorry I keep repeating same things all over again


Giggles butterflies pipers have gone insane

Even the little sun beam now talks to me

Mostly asking questions on my foolish routine

Every now and then same I repeat to them

Sorry I can’t rid you of my foolishness


Lighting crashes in the sky

Thunders have roll out a beat

But I can feel it differently

Moments I have been witness to

Sorry I am not gona change for long time