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Life is like a drive in traffic

when we start new we are inexperienced and timid and scared too of how the journey ahead will be.
Ppl with experience help us and sometimes some ppl bully us or push us around and some just dont bother.
As we learn the tricks and navigate through the blocks we make our choices of the route to take. We may be able to get quicker at times and sometimes we get stuck in a jam. Shortcuts and alternate routes are advised to us by many and we learn that many a times they dont work cause the shortcut is filled with hurdles like the potholes.
We make our way through them and feel confident and cruze at a good speed thats when the light goes red, we stop we have to stop for there are certain moments in life we need to stop and rethink or may be just hold back for a while cause others around u cant be at that pace or its just a law like natures law that all thats living will die. We get our clues in life when to stop or when to increase speed or just go slow… the yellow lights or the timer to green. If we pay attention we might just escape sadness.
When moving around in the midst of our ambitions we come across many ppl some tag along with u for u maneuver well and some cut u sharp on a corner while there are some who will try to race you. We make our twists and turn and the journey keeps moving but if you have a good navigator to help you read the map it gets more easier and smoother like our love partner.
Since we are constantly driving we too use certain ppl to help keep this vehicle working and if you dont maintain this vehicle it would giveup on you someday. We need to make sure we never race towards our goals completely lost in the thoughts of our ambitions like a driver must not drive under influence.
So my fellow drivers drive safe and be cool