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Twisted five

Posted: May 1, 2011 in deep notions, insane, thoughts
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Started with two

Some how it all become true

Third was in the row and fourth blurted out like before

Five should twist this life and it was the day I opened my eyes

Last it could be for numbers play roles in our lives like hamlet and Macbeth

Dance with past present and future rhymes

Groups and singles move on these tunes like five birds in sky

Stars with their lights and moon with a half smile for it’s late to rise

Shines water of lake as five ends with zero or five again in a twisted faith

I had warned on four and hinted on three as these words seldom have relations to life

Sixth could be born by the end of this

Lucky is this digit to me yet twisted I call the five

Foot is the end to my form but numbers so many to multiply

Equations have been applied yet simple remains the five for I was told

Life has things solved by math’s and numbers give answers to all just as I twist this five

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words three new

Posted: November 1, 2010 in insane, random, Romance
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three words new
said it loud
how are you

fate found you
two worlds met
love me knew

tall dark man
smile big bright
unearthed heart inside

saw something you
fell down hill
crazy together two

fast went life
you slept through
love needn’t bribe

singing aloud rhymes
words with simile’s
lost those beliefs

one becomes two
you know too
same ain’t you

changed i too
love for you
good me new

same way please
love now you
forgive me too

last three words
never to say
dont push away

three words new
said it loud
goodbye to you