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Posted: December 7, 2010 in deep notions, helpless, insane, random, thoughts
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Puffing on and exhaling smoke
looking out the window on a dark hour
yellow glow on black streets and a cold breeze
no reason why face has a smile as if it heard a joke

no one walks this hour lonely few drive past
maybe sum1 else notices this yellow glow too
going to west is the moon and east ready for another rise
even the crows asleep like all humans and stars falling fast

alone almost in thoughts of those who are and were
perceptions so fascinating  the night seems to glow of memories
many such nights have been seen but this time its in pasts reflections
words cant point to one person its just pondering of worldly revolutions i bear

expressions have formed logistics too cause they really move
transporting emotions to drive the gray matter in past present mode
seriously even logic’s like these make sense now for brain process alone better
scary ride this time for i fear when it will all stop and would need help to give it a tow.