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He was lying down with his uniform half tucked in and loose shoe laces with one foot on  the last long row seats head rest and playing with his tie and starring at the roof of the bus.
there was no one else in the bus except for the driver at his seat and the bus conductor at the exit door. seemed like he was relaxing for he knew it was a long way home and no one to talk too.
what must be going through this kids mind at that time, was he remembering the fun he had in school or stuff he did in class or thinking over the home work he needs to complete before he can go play or just thinking how sad it is to be alone or may be just hoping the tuition teacher lets him off early so he could catchup on the cartoon channel.
one could never know what a kid could be thinking for theres nothing serious happening there in those Grey cells but still loads of things happening for him like : home work, tuition’s, sports, video games, cartoons, toys, girls, picnic, food etc… And these are the very things which make LIFE for us even after we grow up but just that we dont have the time any more to enjoy them for we busy making money to buy them… thats the biggest Irony of Life too busy to enjoy what we buy for pleasure.
i bought a new car stereo with the works but i am always busy on the handsfree to blast off and enjoy Ozzy scream on loud but every once in a while i do that but never satisfied.
The kid on the bus was doing nothing but enjoying even though all alone, i mean when i am alone i am either penning down my thoughts or updating my project work schedules or just thinking how i could get more floor space index created to make more money  😀

almost a month back i just set out on a 1800km drive with a buddy and a driver, all we did for 3 days straight is NOTHING most of the time we spent sitting behind and look out the window and since we were on far off highways the reception was poor hence almost no calls, stopping in between to eat and drink, that was just doing nothing Yet my mind was working, but this kid had nothing to think just enjoy each thought cause none of his actions had any immediate consequences…..