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boy at a birthday

Posted: November 20, 2010 in deep notions, thoughts, universe
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It was my daughters 5th birthday celebration kiddie party and as an urban household we are more parents then kids. We had asked our maid to get her little boy too.
The maid arrived with her boy before all the guests arrived and my drama queen princess got along well with him. They were playing with the big princess tent/castle and the balloons i blew and they boy was good at blowing balloons too. I put on a few kiddy songs which he sang along too and then the parents with their kids came in one at a time.
The boy started getting a little over excited and as hes brought up in small spaces among other kids in slum areas he was stronger more confident and more brave then all of them so much so that a 12yr old nephew of mine was being pushed around by him and the boy was not more then 6. As all kids do they were running around and jumping, having balloon fights but our hero the boy was getting ferocious with his attacks and my sisters little baby started crying watching the kiddie violence being ballooned out. I had to step into explain the boy to calm down and if he dint stop fighting i would complain to his mother (our maid) he was not scared for he had a look on his face where it explained he must have seen more angrier people at him in the slums hes living in.
just as he was getting clam and the other kids were enjoying around with him too his father came to the door for he had to leave for his night shift and was there to pass the house keys to his wife our maid…. and the boy was neither excited nor sad but just plain simple witness to the transaction between his mom and father. he spends most of his time with this father as mom works the days at different households and father in the night.. his outlandish behavior was then justified for kids when grow more close to the father get more bolder and rather a little misbehaved then with their mothers. my daughter jumps on steps with me while carefully steps up with her mother.
the evening came to the cake cutting and our hero was anxious to see the cake as were all kids and get a bite of it soon, everyone sang the birthday song and my little princess gave a bite of the cake to everyone around and also licked the knife and i saw that through the camera hehehehe that was funny and scary trust me. the hero sat down besides the 2 boys and they kept passing remarks at him and he was getting into the fight mood again lucky i stepped in and controlled the other two boys and he remained well behaved.
i had a word with the maid and asked her not to beat him up always just talk sense first and then if very extremely needed spank him or something i was hoping he would be outside and not listen in on us. but apprently he had for the next day my maid told me he said to her ” mom i wont act funny and naughty and you dont need to beat me up i will behave hence forth just like that uncle said”
man i was stunned and so was everyone at home for he knew what was right and wrong and also understood why he would be beat up by his mom ………………… the hero is a nice boy i say and i completely back him up for he was provoked by the other kids at the party offcourse his reactions were strong but thats the only way he knew to react ….. kids arent that simple i guess….