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i live in a very different country called India, amazingly different languages, cultures, religions etc… also the geography is very vivid.

we have a huge population below poverty line and and equally huge population of lower and middle class families the rich constitute only like less than 10%.

the major amount of tax is collected from the salaried people having more than 150,000/- p.a. income and rest from the so called rich remaining population doesnt pay much tax or nothing at all.

i pay taxes too says every tax payer with pride and yet i dont enjoy being a tax payer.

when we buy a car we pay some kind of sales tax, VAT, etc… and then pay the govt road tax, every liter of petrol we pay tax and what we get …drive in dense traffic, distance which should take 15 mins take over an hour Why ? cause the non tax paying Hawkers occupy the footpath forcing the tax paying pedestrians to spill on the roads causing the tax paying car drivers to slow down. the road tax we pay to the road traffic authority god knows goes where for every now and then the signals stop working and within 10-15 secs theres a vehicle jam so long that you can have a picnic before you reach office or home. my city mumbai is as old as India hence theres constant infrastructure work going on like sea links, flyovers, flyover flyovers and the latest metro link…. all of these projects take minimum of 5 years to complete which is just the cherry over the pathetic cake of tax payers.

here comes the best for car users… if we use music a little louder the cops fine you for noise pollution and the non tax payers have road side festivals with speakers shattering your ears miles away, if you are in a hurry and you forget to stop before a zebra crossing you are fined and the non tax payers who cross the road even when your signal is green without looking before crossing and we have to break in emergency to save their lives.

tax payers pay for the water, which i have personally seen being purified and they really do a good job here in Mumbai and i have also tasted the water in other cities and our municipal corporation wins hands down But when the water is being transported through pipes many places the pipes are leaked and water is stolen and stolen in a very unhygienic ways hence making the municipality spend more of the tax payers money to repair these pipes and chlorinate the water more to remove impurities…. we tax payers spend more to buy purifiers and stuff to ensure safe water for which we have already paid for.

This city is kept clean by the conservation department and they are trying their best and keep coming with innovate methods to speed their work and ensure hygiene But there are garbage heaps at strategic locations mostly where the non tax payers stay 😛 and causing diseases etc… Tax payers segregate their garbage and buy good looking dustbins and black plastic bags to properly dispose the waste… what do the non-tax payers do just throw it out on the roads and if tax payer throws a paper cup (completely bio-degradable) on the road he/she would be fined…. lets not talk about the spitography on the wall corners, below the wash basins, train corridors etc.. and if the tax payer tries to make a graffiti an work of art he.she is fined….

i strongly believe that govt has a anti-tax payer policy somewhere….

for clearly there are no benifits to pay tax we pay it cause its our duty, Tax payers (mostly educated people)  start programs to educate the people on spitting problems, anti tobacco campaigns, garbage disposal and issues…they also donate to NGO’s from what is left after paying the tax, they use car pools to reduce pollution, they pay heavy taxes on electricity and property cause the non-tax payers dont pay any & stay anywhere they feel like making slums and giving the city a shabby look…they are given almost free basic services and What Do we Tax payers get for free Nothing……

we should get like a weekend paid trip once in 2 years or free petrol for a week or tax free month something like an incentive make us feel proud for what we have paid OR Just ensure that what we have paid for is given to us nothing more and definitely not Less.