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Peak side

Posted: November 6, 2010 in thoughts, universe, warriror
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climbed a mountain stood tall on the peak
flipped a coin to the rocks said my prayers
seeked blessings from this great natures form
to have a safe return

the path is long to the top and mostly harsh
cold breeze and sometimes burn in suns heat
savor all this in me head for when on the peak
it makes all this worth the while and look really small
like the houses i now see

smog down there clean fog uphere
like the basement times filled with a grassy smell
high we stood then like me alone now looking to the sky
peak to peak goes my view unrestricted like my life has been
walks all man kind some just by the banks while some try the hill side
we are rare ones we talk to the paths less defined and make our own unwritten sides

slow now i come down for its been long
holding tight to my thoughts in the cold breeze up peak side
loneliness is a sickness don’t you see now how i always need the hike
some just need a descend time to time

peak side is not easy to get for its just you me and my other self
reflections of the past flash now and then when you slip a foot or lose a grip
its not as bad as it rhymes its just something you do to get to the other side
then fun ascends on your minds peak side

all have to climb some just a hill some need mountains
walk at your pace or run to the peak tops its just you and your self whose to realize
me and my peak side have made a pact cause i have already scaled it and we don’t trouble no more
get going its your turn to know your peak side.