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brief history of time
if only we knew the complete state of the universe at one time. For example, if we knew the positions and speeds of the sun and the planets at one time, then we could use Newton’s laws to calculate the state of the Solar System at any other time. Determinism seems fairly obvious in this case… but human behavior is not governed by laws.
the above theory was found to be incorrect for energy emitted by any hot object such as a star does not emit radiation or waves etc infinitely at a certain speed cause it does so in quanta and thus the speed is determined and there’s a finite emission.
same way when god created humans he gave them a finite level of emission of energy and thus each one has a cycle of life but what cant be determined is the amount of energy per quanta cause for every quanta emitted a large amount of energy is used up and thus reduces the rate of emission.

just like our thought process … on certain occasions we throw out such great joy around that we run out of it sooner then expected, at some incidents we get all furious and then fizz out at the end of it or some just live the rest of their lives with rage cause they emitt it slowly…. so if we learn to control the throw of the quantum of emotions we could live in a certain emotional phase longer but again just like light or x rays the number of waves of per second are far greater than 2-3 million waves hence calculating them is difficult and to find the distance between a object we shine of light on its surface and depending upon the shadows created we judge its distance but we cant measure its position.
hence we can never judge our correct position and our energy level to throw quantums around we wld never be able to stay in one motion for long and in order to understand our position we would need to throw a short wavelength to measure the position better , so we shouldnt attempt at looking far far away make things in the nearest future more clear with a broad yet short wavelength of thoughts and make better use of it.
i order to predict the movement or position of an object in the future we need to determine the current movement and position which we can by the shorter wavelength but its position if determined with larger quantum of shorter wavelentgh of time then the particle shining of will deviate from its course by the sheer quanta thrown at it, we should never push beyond a certain limits our emotions on to others or they would move away from us. should try not to be over loading our selfs with the final ambition that we burnout before we understand the movements of others around us and losing the present for the future. we can try and keep predecting but each time we start the result will be different but what we can predict is the how many times will be say A result or result B, thats just how we stratagies with certain kind of people around us for we know it would result in A or B as an when started.
as Einstein said ” god does not play dice” every thing happening around is pre determined we are yet to calculate accurately our current movements and position in order to predict the future.. so until then we have to live with our selves cause its THE UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE.