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blink of an eye you miss the moment and you miss it cause you cant wait
wait for each is controlled by fate, fate of others they make you hurry or not wait
you cant wait for you have a meeting to go to, you cant wait for there’s an interview to go to
you cant wait for a movie to catch, you cant wait for you have a date to meet

fate of your wait is controlled by others and the moments you miss are not created
your fate is controlled by your client, your fate is controlled by your employer
your fate is controlled by your friends, your fate is controlled by the one you love

love is the result of your fate, for you hadn’t rushed to the date she wouldn’t be able to twist your fate
fate in return gives you love, love doesn’t go away with fate your actions control love
your love is controlled by your words, your love is controlled by your thoughts
your love is free but you pay the price for loosing it and love is controlled by you

your love controls fate and fate gives you the wait
you control your love, love more and more fate to give you more time to wait
you love good and you get it all

love is free and comes to you when you lest expect it
you need to know love, you need to see love
you need to believe in love, you need to love to be loved

you need someone to love who loves you who needs you
need gives love, giving more reduces your wants
when you want nothing love gives, your greed destroys love

you again control all, wrong wants strikes off love
your greed your possessiveness your vanity
mirror shows true single form of you, love shows you the best of you
to love is to be divided in two…. again its you who controls the outcome
wait of fate to meet the love will erase the wrongs done
keep the true form of emotions you Just need to be You

read this with eminem song ” love the way you lie ” playing.



i am no super man with wings on my back
trust me close your eyes and hold on tight
i promise to take you high

drug like trip i take in those eyes
wonder why
hold on tight together we will fly
see the colors the psychedelics closer
purple haze with brush of reds and pink dash
choose your palate
this canvas is our creation think big for it touches the sky

free feel forever like a dragonfly
glow green groovier dont be shy
believe you have to for i never lie

hold my hand let me take you high
wonderful creations we will make as magical as your voice
singing creation perfectly made by your creator
imagination so wild guess we dint know our own strengths
lets go set this world on fire
just dont stand there you have to try

let them think we are insane
dont snap at them they dont know
what they dont have
create and make as we sing this together
lets go take away the pain
paint a picture so bright let them all see from their windowpane

we will fly away like birds
feathers with colors and singing songs
its gona be alright trust me just hold on tight
it wont hurt and its no game you have to help me to make this real
i cant tell you how it will be i can only make you feel
i promise to take you high hold on tight

i saw a couple may be just a couple of years younger then me ( iam only 30) and the wife was pregnant and they looked so happy together …so this to them and their dream building….


They were walking down a street
hand in hand and dreams building
married few years ago
parents consented and friends blessed
months came to years and days beautiful then ever
now she expects a new life breathing inside
happy with a mothers glow she smiles
hand in hand and dreams building
adorable two…. soon to be a family
hopes of a new begining dawn their every morning
what, how, when,  are words not defined
they are happy with wants from life
money is not thought but worked upon
home is so happy that he makes double
they looked so happy hand in hand that i dont want this to have an end.

two words

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they are very generous ppl and i accept this award with humbleness


two words

heart beats
life skips
eyes meet
words rhyme
love sings
she speaks
fool jumps
hand holds
lost souls
her eyes
she lies
fool cries
vows new
splits wide
two words
good bye


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random as it can be

for i write this as i say it or want it to be

words have to not always have a meaning

sometimes a wink of an eye at an unprecedented hour is welcome

things that i say might seem alright to you for others they are vague

call at that hour un-parliamentary hour is considered love too

pass a bill if you have too i am not gona improve

things i will still say and songs i will still sing aloud

neighbors get a ear plug or better love me words

cause I am a random guy a definition destroys me

sad or war like rise i can with every word your eyes have to say

prayer or temple…giggle or butterfly

compare how much i try i can

somethings dont need a poem to be described

mind might try to hide heart gives away the fool inside…..

foolosopher 😀

my good karma

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i have been constantly reminded by the myths that your deeds of the past life will define the life which i live now.
many times i was forced to believe that i must have been either Hitler or Chengis Khan for the amount of pain some moments have caused me.
and then i met you
i know now that i have been forgiven
for you have given me a place in your heart a sweet spot to whom i surrender

you have made me feel good about myself not only for this life but the one
i had too
for no matter what i had done must have done one good deed to deserve you
and i wish to be a better man so i can have you next life too
since now that i have met you i need not do more this life
have a beautiful person like you think of me and to love me
i must have done my task of good deeds for this life
now i have met you i wont be able to go wrong again
for when i am with you i dont even have an opinion
only follow your lead so that i am sure i have you in the next life too
my good karma i am blessed that i have you.

There’s an art to live i mean really live… some just sulk all their lives and some go up and down like the waves and then worldly different who always seem happy to us all.
Two conversations have led to write this and the title might hopefully someday be my best buddies plot to make it rich.

The art of living … seriously i have never heard,read or dreamed what Sri sri sri sri sri says in his books or classes or guest lectures or what ever they are called.
living is an art for sure… one small story by Paulo Coelho is :- a fisherman catches enough fish every day to feed his family and spends most of his time with family and having fun with his friends. A MBA degree holder comes to him one day and advices how he can help him make more money by catching more fish and ultimately goes on to say that after some years he would be so filthy rich that he could just spend some time fishing and rest having a good time with family and friends… the fisherman says ” but i am already doing that ”
that my friends is the ART of living.
I have met many people of different ideas of life most of them wanted to be rich to have a good time and  I wondered why…. for me and friends had a good time with 200 bucks and have the same kind of a good time with 20000 bucks, places to have fun are also mostly the same.
i am not saying that having an ambition is bad or making money is bad but don’t make that your only priority in life. like a career orientated women waiting to make it to CEO and looses out on making a family or a man waiting to get that promotion and hefty salary looses out on the beautiful girls that came his way 🙂
its real easy if you give it a thought you get 2 days off or may be just 1 day off from your studies or work ( these are the only 2 things people in the city do all their life) so make the most of it.

Even though your doing a good job or studying good you have the heart breaks and stuff in love  and then you forget how you once lived and sulk further… some tend to become work o holics and some alc o holics …its a vicious circle ( o ) to be heart broken for it takes you a long time to love  some one after that. its a circle hence you can not break out of it and science has an explanation for this sulking too ” the chemical released when you fall in love lasts its effect for a good 20 years ” so people sorry you cant escape a heart break but since its a vicious circle we can draw tangents to it atleast having one point of connection to it (heartbreak) that we try and learn from our past relation and make the new one even better.

Love its a emotion it is the same every time we love someone or something. A man in his late 60’s was asked you never married though you have your female friends… still why dint you marry…. old man asked ” do you like the ocean ” he said ” yes ” …which ocean the Indian ocean or Atlantic or the north ocean… he said i like the ocean not any particular ocean all are great.. old man said ” thats how women are..all are great every one has something special in them not just women we all do, i love all women the i have met and made friends they are all special people with amazing personalities” love is the same to all yet special to each hence its logical when we loose someone or have a heartbreak we cry and cry and cry and become these miserable humans that we are termed Crazy to keep sulking over a person who left us and is no more in our lives. Everything takes time and so will this sad emotion all that we can do in such a stage is to let ourselves know that it will pass away and believe that We want it to pass away. ( my personal theory : have bounce backs :P)

Stress is so freakishly over rated in these times we live in. One thing working under my father i have learned is patience. Patience is not just waiting for the right opportunity or in a negotiation allowing things to simmer down and then make an offer one cant refuse but also knowing that no matter what we do things happen only when they are to happen for we are interdependent in this world we don’t work alone. We can only motivate or help others to help us in return but we cant force anyone to speed up work ( trust me i have tried with our govt. officials it doesn’t work). So your work is not taking up speed and you are stressed over it i wonder how will it help…instead just go for a walk and enjoy the view even in a large city you will find a tree to sit under and if your blessed as me go to the beach and stare back at the waves they will teach you a lot if you still are stressed just call on a friend share a 6 pack and eat healthy till tummy full 😀

one has to realize that we are not all here for a purpose some are here just to fill in the gaps so that the great pyramid of human history stands tall.

Art of living is serious business with simple solutions don’t make it into rocket science.

And like crocodile dundee once said ” why do these city people need a shrink dont they have Mates”

wiserskydiver says :- have a beer shed a tear and go back home without fear

Shesmiles she shines

she is always by my side

shes the words that i write

praises fall short
cause she looks
cause she stares
cause shes my date
lost iam from the day we met

may is a month
for me its all about her
born in my dreams
her eyes her god like smile
wasted would be my life
you walked into my sight
the gods above and their view
hit the right side
otherwise it was a fools life.