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my good karma

Posted: September 16, 2010 in beloved, loved ones, Romance
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i have been constantly reminded by the myths that your deeds of the past life will define the life which i live now.
many times i was forced to believe that i must have been either Hitler or Chengis Khan for the amount of pain some moments have caused me.
and then i met you
i know now that i have been forgiven
for you have given me a place in your heart a sweet spot to whom i surrender

you have made me feel good about myself not only for this life but the one
i had too
for no matter what i had done must have done one good deed to deserve you
and i wish to be a better man so i can have you next life too
since now that i have met you i need not do more this life
have a beautiful person like you think of me and to love me
i must have done my task of good deeds for this life
now i have met you i wont be able to go wrong again
for when i am with you i dont even have an opinion
only follow your lead so that i am sure i have you in the next life too
my good karma i am blessed that i have you.