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When you are stuck with issues… I was taught once never say ‘problem’ use the word issue/s so I say Issues, do you ramble your head alone or get with it by talking things to your loved ones.
You think that when u are burdened with issues gods or angels are angry with you I say No its an opportunity given to u to get closer with the people around you… Your family, friends, co-workers and when u work on it together it gets easier to solve.
Every tale in any mythology… Greek, Norse, Indian, Christian, Islam etc… Will always portray the lead character to get it working with a team and promote love amongst us mortals. So every issue or trouble u face is an opportunity to get close to people. So people grab these opportunities and the issue solved with growing love.

had written this on July 22, 2009 on Facebook notes….elisa’s writeup reminded me of this….