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removed the old… placed creed and caste over it
fought with brothers and killed our sisters
slayed the young and bled the elders

the men who become gods
whose temple and mosques they want to build
had given a message clear to all who heard their prayer
live like one and love equal to all

cheers of my caste, symbols of my motherland
what came first is the race here
have not learned, humans we have to be first
cheer for love and not the kill

guns fire and swords slay to break
lives destroyed are not easy to create
ask the 18 year old who still weeps for his father
dead he was the day they destroyed

practice your faith live your vows
say no more
no more of this bullshit
we the people shall not fight
people will come together to build a new school

school of thoughts which preach human rights
human beings around me lets start being human
create a world where we live without fear.

three parts equal
as we were now we shall be one
hope they have learned their lesson
people aren’t fools anymore, politicians please do hear
we want to be one don’t make the gullible ones suffer

peace we shall have
land of our gods will be happy
flowers will bloom and boards will be removed
bravo judiciary you made em all proud