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gorgeous pied piper….

Posted: September 2, 2010 in loved ones, Romance
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Sometimes when we talking to confess I hardly even hear the words it’s just sweet

Music and the Giggles are like drums giving the pipers sound a mystical rhythm,

I know I sound crazzy but that’s what they said to Shakespeare when he thought of writing Romeo n juliet…

Pied pipper gorgeous pied pipper …. The best part of me life is to hear your joy

God must have been listening to happy music when he created you

For u sound like a baby with a harp in her heart

Emoting unruffled tones

Compassion and passion mixed in every note

You giggle as in the waterfalls

Giggle like the sunbeam on dew drops

Giggle like the soothing pied piper

Gorgeous pied piper