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Posted: September 4, 2010 in deep notions, insane, universe
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At delhi airport was to wait for more than 3+hrs. Wandered around the airport things were happening there too. I walked to a book store picked up biography of Richard Attenborough and a box of rock chocolates there were like a million people at this hour around 3ish in the morning waiting to board flights.
A man with his two kids a son and a beautiful toddling daughter was walking pass by, the son was feeling so secure holding his dad’s hand he was oblivious to where they were heading and busily kept looking around and finally bumped into a circular pillar dint get hurt but the secure feeling in life by holding you’re parents hand is such an innocent age. Then there were these 2 girls almost in their late teens all jumpy and excited by the journey ahead kept looking at other women and girls around probably guessing what brand or how wonderful their clothes are or criticizing them on their fashion style at this age life is all about how presentable you are and hardships to come just to make a living seem so further away or not possible. There was a lady there too all alone very elegantly dressed looked almost like royalty was clearly disturbed by the long wait I guess and had a grin on her face she even looked at me twice and may be wondering what is a person looking like me i.e. dressed shabbily eyes red and wearing a cap at this dark hour doing here kind of a look. She kept looking straight at the window towards the planes coming to a halt in their parking places and must be wondering when do I get back to my children or husband or may when do I get to my home and rest in that comfy bed she clearly seemed to had seen life more than me and was very cautious of the people sitting besides her and walking pass by her, for her the world has given her all she could take and looked content with her status in life. Then there was a lady who carried a huge backpack and looked really tired may be by the journey she already took to get here and headed straight from the security check in to the food counter and ate a sandwich and headed for a empty bench and went straight off to sleep, for her life is all about getting by with each day and just completing what was at hand may be……. I kept going in circles of the huge lounge we tried on some sun glasses but nothing took our fancy and went back to the smoke zone and there were 3-4 Chinese travelers and they were all so happy and talking continuously may be a good deal took place here in Delhi and then there was a lone man with his laptop in his lap and kept punching the keys with a vigor as in to complete some program or presentation before the deadline and dint bother with the happenings around him dint even glance at the people coming and going out may be for him time was running short and had to achieve things faster and definitely looked like he had the will for it cause at 4 am he still looked possessed by his work and without any tire in his body language.
All this made me wonder whom am I to notice and make comments on these people for these observations were mine and with out any proof I made certain people in my head losers some achievers some content and some just plain simple lost. May be they judged me too like the royal touch lady or may be there was an observer like me around too who noticed me walking like a kid with his feet sliding over the smooth marble like surface of the lobby as if doing a forward moon walk that person might have thought of me as a very happy person or a drunk or just a guy wasting his family’s fortune on travel and fun.
All our observations are so based on our achievements into this so called society or rather materialistic goals a person has conquered like an Ad on TV a guy on a bike dreams of Big car, a women dreams of a diamond necklace but in the end it shows a bald guy in a big car envying the guy on a bike for his thick healthy hair. It is just how big your house car or your appearance is will give out an expression to others. So in order for me too seem like a good guy I have to have a clean shaven face with thick hair and a big car and neatly dressed this takes me to the moment when my elder brother once sat on a plane back from Paris besides AR Rehman and he was shabbly dressed and had long uncombed hair for a few seconds me brother dint recognize him and thought of him as a teenager still looking to find his calling in life, but it was a guy who had made other people listen to his calling in his own way and considered a maestro at composing music.
I don’t know where I was getting with all this but this all came to me head while I was waiting may be reading Kafka stories which have no possible conclusion but only the reader can derive what ever he wants to from it you can do the same with this……..