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If it is it if

Posted: October 20, 2010 in beloved, insane
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if i had to live a lie i would live it
if i had to live or die i would live it
if i had to live or separate i would live it

if you have to give me a choice give me an option with you in it
wonder why this madness creeps in me for you dream a world without me in it
imagination so wild sometimes i give myself the shivers for words form shapes and you are all over in it

if i had to make sculpture no one would wonder whose face will be on it
choices i make reflect your wisdom vague all seems but truth rides on it
moving mountains  scaling clouds feel short but everything has your name on it

if the world or this god tells me false is my world for you not part of it
destruction of my inner mind cant do… your smile completes me whole not just a part of it
vivid colors take strokes on my delusional canvas never knew how you took over each part of it

if it becomes real
if it drives across
if it engulfs whole

if it wasnt there together as we would be better