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Oceanic Drift

Posted: October 13, 2010 in deep notions, insane
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riding the waves and tides
sailing through oceans and storms
waiting for that first look
bursting is this heart with unknown cheers
baby come straight in my sight
i dont wana share with you with any soul or mortal
just you and your beautiful self filling my eyes
imagined this day so many times in ways different with every tide

the smile you will shine
the eyes you will blink
the lips you will purse
the hair you will tussle

all this and more has played in me mind many times
fear i not to see but what if i had imagined less
should i be standing or sitting when i meet you
cause falling back is i have dreamt wordless would be blocking

kill this wait now
come out now
show yourself now
make my life now


how much more should i wait
soon is a definite time scale
short arm and long have gone around long
come out come out beautiful butterfly
bursting is this heart with unknown cheers
baby come straight in my sight close into this arms
your head on me shoulders be my starry eyed surprise


Posted: September 22, 2010 in family, loved ones, thoughts
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toast to a time about to consume
thanks to a lending hand
gratefulness to being pardoned
love to others around
smiles to the ones on the side
wave to the one about to go away
welcome to the one stepping inside
celebrating a victory intended
doubts now cleared
cheers is the word for starts and fullstops to be added later.

cheers to good times and good-life         😀