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Take me granted

Posted: September 4, 2010 in loved ones
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Have you realized how some ppl take you for granted….
Dad’s just say ”go and meet so and so tdy at 10” without even asking if u have tight schedule, Mom’s are the sweet ones they emotionally take u for granted ” I wanted to go meet ur aunt tdy, but she stays so far away and I don’t remmb the way” immd u say Ah no worries will drop you Ma….. Wife’s play the love card ” hon lets go for a romantic dinner” u look at the time and its only 6 wondering dinner so soon… Then it hits u ” baby theres a new restaurant opened just above CK’s store”
Now even the daughter… Sunday morning ” baba is going to take me to watch cartoon movie tdy” bang you wakeup early on sunday morning wondering did I promise her that then must get ready fast…..
Even when you realize this you play along sometimes with sleepy eyes, headache or even if its driving from one end of the city to other cause you love it when they expect from you makes you feel spl…. Gives you joy in knowing that you can fulfill their wants or give them the comfort they deserve and knowing how proud ur parents are cause of ur career and progress…… So loved ones take me for granted