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Emotions on a note

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Music has meaning for its not right when its musing
Common agenda has a tune in for everyone knows when to talk
Feel alone I do too when they talk about  common sight seeing



Same peaks and waves we have witnessed

Sadly I saw through the sun lit glass muriels
Viewrs you or I,  godly have been my percievings

Spliffingly gorgeous afternoons
Nights never having endings for mornings were never seen
Friends to hold life ransoms at what were they planing to rob with.

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Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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i wrote a poem
i made it for all to see
how would i know so would she

read it through
cherished her 1st comment
made friends in an instant
astronomy one could say
enjoyed the company
with every memory shared it was like deja vu written

all my life i only heard of this
strangers making past and future unite
how would i know she would read it too
connection so strong distances cant deny

beautiful as her eyes so does she write
now iam reading her thoughts
thinking why did we talk
she and i both remain puzzled
astronomy one could say
finally i write this asking to make sense
for projections of visions are read and fools dont understand

A+B =??

Posted: August 31, 2010 in loved ones, universe
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In accounting the total is always the sum of its parts, no matter what order you follow it comes to the same total. Wish life had the same equation where in what ever choices we had made would have got us to the same results so we would never have to look back and say ” what if” sad but true it doesn’t equate that simple for we know that if you would have said yes or no or never met some people or did meet them it could have been a different tangent then the one you’re on to this circle of life.
Instance if I had said no to taking up training techies in wipro bpo I would have never met my wifey we could have been just two co-workers for the rest of our lives, or if I hadn’t taken bhavans college never would have met deepti, lovina, jaggu, jango etc…
So its always an ”what if” these are the happy equations which summed up to a better life and then are some equations which never get solved and the question mark to the a+b=? Remains unanswered which we so easily call fate or say ”life takes it course” I differ… Though I flunked in maths many a times my equation of life is clear, future equals to the learning’s of my past + what I hold in my present then the question mark at-least begins to show a number not clear but at-least its not unknown.
Like mathematical equations everything in life is defined at-least it has a set formula, values change but the way it will be formed remains the same, there are certain constants and some variables yet the formula is simple. How solving a long equation one needs to retrace the steps to make sure the quotient followed through the correct multiplications and subtractions we always retrace our past doings and what’s to learn is not repeat the same mistakes or repeat the same methods which failed before…..

Pure at Heart…

Posted: August 11, 2010 in loved ones
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One rare find is a pure at heart. The one who laughs when you fail to make u smile, one who is the happiest when you get that win, the one who cries when u are sad, one who misses you even when surrounded by a crowd.
Most of us have one or two of them in our lives we call them best friends…