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Love and love

Posted: September 7, 2010 in loved ones, Romance, universe
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While in college I had the opportunity to come across various type of human behaviors.

I would be stunned by some and some very predictable while some were just kind souls.

Love was the emotion that came out differently from everyone like it was a bow and arrow contest where each archer  makes a different mark yet somehow all manage to hit the target.

All had their ways of expression of Love yet everyone made their partner understand.

They say that love has no language that’s untrue cause there are millions of ways to express love and to every way theres someone who understands it.

Like there was this guy who would sing hindi songs and i would get bored of him after sometime for I was a hardcore rock fan and expressing yourself so gullibly was not an option for I thought of like Take it or Leave it. This guy would bore half the ladies too yet one of them fell for him may be she understood him better than me and others.

There were some who would get into fights every now and them and bashup guys like women do pillow fights and tear them up, I thought of them as sidey characters cause I use to practice boxing back then and knew how it is to exchange fists or maybe I was just practicing control. Yet there were girls who thought of that to be macho and fell head over heals for them and would love to be treated like a side car on a Harley with them but may be some like to be felt not needed I guess.

Then there were my kinds too who would not fight or sing just a few lines and always dress shabby. Never paid attention to presentation more like came out raw. One thing my kinds did was always wore good perfume 😀 we would look intensely into the eyes and say a few words which had never been said before, some understood and others mis-understood.

There are so many kinds of men and women when it comes to love and then there are similar too.

All these emotions though expressed differently form a one complete picture, some write it and then some sing it while others play an instrument and some listen and appreciate….there are few who listen in and sketch from inspiration and a few who just arrange all this as gifts and simply say I LOVE YOU