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Posted: September 23, 2010 in deep notions, insane
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Your car just polished up and new coated color shining pretty black under a coconut tree.
tall dark bark with lush green leaves and almost ripe coconuts with a golden green color.
thud…crash boom bang… a nice big coconut comes crashing down making a huge dent on the top of the car which was just delivered after a new paint job and a good polish.
you are starring at the car and admiring the gleaming black color and trying to see if there are any spots left and there now a big freaking dent on the top of the car.
the dent looks like as if when a boy splashes water in a pot hole and the murky water splashes upwards…if you pause this moment and the way water will be stuck in mid air in a amoebic shape …exactly thats how the dent looks like.
your jaw opens and drops down like a draw bridge on Hercules castle and struck are you by that large thud sound you dont say anything for almost 10 seconds completely silent yet mouth open wide and just then you utter oh O Mother of holy F*&K god What the hell happened.

Then you try to reason with your brain and try to think what can be done now and the 1st thought in your mind is that you havent taken the car in possession cause its at the garage and you dint open the door and sit in it so the car is the mechanics responsibility.

when you turn to look at the mechanic hes got a face like the little lines on a rule book which reads Act Of God is not covered.
you try to think of something really smart to make sure that the garage guy takes the blame for it…theres nothing that comes to your mind.

But he parked the car under the tree and you havent taken delivery so he needs to bare the cost of that…as this thought comes to your mind and you hear the mechanic say…. Sir if you had not made me hurry to complete the job the car would have been in the waxing section till now and would have come myself to deliver the car later in the evening”

You curse your self for being such a haste always. sad face dawns on you and you realize that theres nothing that you can do.

Walk towards the car becomes the longest strides of your life till that moment of Thud….. and you open the door and check the dent from the inside and the bulge on the roof seems like a cavity in your tooth and how bad it hurts when you drink cold water.
you push your hand to the bulge hoping to make it alrite as it was before and then suddenly it works and you hurriedly pull your head to the outside slightly banging your head on the door frame and feel happy that apart from a few scratch marks all is back to normal and you step back ask the mechanic to look at the spot and he affirms its okay to you…….
If the sell price of that car was 150,000 after the polish it went down to 100,000 on the thud, during the thud going up it kept fluctuating and once the dent vanished to a few scratches it became 125,000… so a coconut tree above a car is its devaluator.
If your luck is as bad as the US fund investors then again a Huge Thud sound will be heard and this time there wont be an undenting to the devaluators actions 😀