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Posted: October 8, 2010 in insane, warriror
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tula deto majhi boli ratri sakali dupari

maang astho me sarkhe

majhya deva poore kar swapana hai saare

swata sathi nahi me bolat

tichya sathi and tyancha jeevanas de bhar poti


deva ubha ahe tuzhya daari aaj me aan vaani

thaklo yaah halkat lokana

prayatna sarva prakari kele khup samjavle

partishtan hai majhe lagle dolayas

nahi me aikhnar atha ghalen tandav dokyas

sudhar yanha kiva vachav tyana


shankara che naav ahey majhe ashutosh

premane bolo shevat che aaj

shambhar zhale pure tyanche paap

trishul nahi saral tessrya dolyas ghal yanaha

shunya hotil hai halkat uchal la jo me paay aaj´╗┐


English translation of sorts


i speak to you night afternoon and day
…keep asking always I
fulfill my dream each one of them
not for me i say
for her and their lives to be happy and gay

hey god I am standing at your gates barefeet
tired of these ill will people i meet
have reasoned and tried a lot in all ways
my pride is breathing fire with ire
not gonna listen to you now will smash their heads into a wall
god improve or save them now

lord shankar’s other name is ashutosh
kindly i speak to them in vain
committed they have 100th sin
not the spear use the fury of your third eye
if i lift my leg now it will be to crush their bones
bring their lives to an end.