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little lads stepped up the gates leaving their parents into a new world
wonderful from day one

10 years together some faces new
ate lunch and ran the same ground
cheered at all the victories and snared at their foul

15 years later we met
stubble and bellies in check
trying to look like boys again
and the cats came out of the bag

laughed on our nick names
the foolish crushes and the old flames
how we bunked the lectures
and smoking in bathrooms

sang our anthem aloud
like we did a decade back
holy family we sang again for thee
cause of you we are still bound as We

glorious night refreshing the past
each had a story to share
reliving those times as if it was yesterday
wishing are we now Shouldn’t have grown that fast

15 years have gone by
each one has made his mark
proud men stand today just as we did once
lads with innocence and ambitions to make

doctors teachers entrepreneurs
professions are different today
once they were known as holy family boys
met like they did before with hugs and high fives

15 years have gone by only the Grey hair reminds
met like no time had passed in their lives
same old smiles with warm hearts and handshakes really tight.

meeting you all reminded me of the great times and i really missed you guys.