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Why do you tolerate me

Posted: December 21, 2010 in deep notions, helpless, insane, loved ones

Frankly I don’t know why I even hang out with you

Stupid as you seem I don’t know why I converse

Says she every time lines cross each others rhymes


I hope I could answer soon for I am running out of words too

Rhymes are farfetched now, if you think its sing along then keep that glass down

Reflections are musings of interpretations from your words

Should I go on more or you know what I am trying to say me amour


There’s no format here for words have taken their own flight

Seriously as I write these lines you might see what it’s meant to be

New York to Ireland or Mumbai to Palermo your choice and I will ride

Just say things the way you really want them to be


Do I have to make a poem to make realize

How deep or how unending is the format of this heart

Lashings tie a box not words formed of love notions strong

Is it wrong to know why do you tolerate me so much sweetheart